Summer Time Again

We will have 2 more days and then school’s out for summer!! Even though my youngest will be doing an Algebra II class to catch up. We really got behind in math this year.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel after this year about homeschooling him but he did a fabulous job. He did what I asked him to do and next year we will do it again! Yippee! I just brought Chemistry books for him.

He enjoyed the basketball team this year and is looking forward to another year. The boys are pretty close and had a great season this year. They all want the same kind of shoes and sweat shirts. It’s crazy, they really do act like girls, even buying pink socks! What’s up with that? We might have to go to officially get them ID’s to tell them apart.:)

Mid Life

It’s May! Glorious May! School will be almost over and the summer activities will begin. I’m hoping this year, not as many as last year.

Both boys have jobs and will be working, then staying busy with staying in shape for basketball, while I will be enjoying having no responsibility in doing school. While typing this it has come to my mind that I must get ready for next year…ugh!

Meanwhile, I feel like I’m going through another mid life crisis in my head. It’s called the mid life stomach. Yep I will be working on that too.

But the wonderful thing about all of this is I don’t have to go through any of it alone. My God is working in me to do His work and His will, as I yield my life to Him.

Almost Summer Time

So good that the summer is almost here and finally it’s warm. Of course we will be complaining that its too hot! But everything I do that I hope the Holy Spirit will remind me just to be thankful and to be reminded how cold it was this winter.

I longed for the warm weather to come. What’s funny is at my own house today, my hubby had the AC on and I was freezing inside the house. I have my sweats on and a long sleeve shirt!

The Dance

This time of the year is big for our teenagers. So much pressure with the end of the school year, the prom, summer jobs, and the peer influence that faces them each year.

Funny I didn’t go to prom any year. Yes I was asked but really didn’t have the desire to go. To me that was too much pressure to get dressed up, to look a certain way, and all the money it cost to do so.

We need to have a special insurance plan for this maybe don allred insurance burlington nc could help with the situation.

My oldest is going with his girl and that’s fine. I will fork the money out to go, after all he didn’t want a class ring:)

The Job

The job is going well for my youngest son and my oldest son is still waiting for a phone call from a place. I’m telling him that he needs to have a plan b but he’s not listening to me right now. I’m feeling like I should just sit back and wait along with him. I don’t think he wants advice from me right now and that’s okay. Sometimes you need to learn on your on.
Lord, he is all yours!

First Job

My youngest son just got his first job. What an exciting day for him!! He called telling me about getting the phone call for an interview but he didn’t make it to the phone in time. So he was trying to call them back. Then when he finally reached them, had a time for interview, he called and wasn’t sure what to wear or say….lol. It was so cute.

So I walked him through the process and encouraged him. Then the text came with joyful jubilation that he starts the next day at 9am.

I’m so excited for him.

A Long Trip

I just went on a 2940 mile trip. It was a total of 43 hours driving in a car. We had a lot of fun and good conversations, most of all we were able to talk about anything without interruptions.

We made the trip for a women’s retreat that my friend did the speaking and I led worship. The event was fantastic and brought around 150 women. To lead worship for a group like that is just wonderful. They were ready and just wanted to dive in.

I learned so much at this event about people, about taking the better way to deal with something, about really listening and leaning into His ways.

It’s Over

Basketball season is officially over as of yesterday. The boys ranked 28 in the National Homeschooling tournament and they were gone all week. I missed them terribly but got alot of stuff done in their absence.

My hubby went down on Thursday to see the last 2 games. The tournament was 5 hours away so I just stayed home and went to work. I’m hoping we can do a little bit of normal now. We have been busy every weekend for a few months now and have spent alot of money on hotels and food with the games.

Ready for normal!