Great Time

I went to a Beth Moore conference this past weekend (Friday 7pm until noon on Saturday). What a great time just to soak in more of Jesus! There were 88 hundred ladies and some men in this arena, jammed pack but still with the technology today, we could see everything that was going on up on the stage. The worship was heavenly and timely for me! It was better than an Outer Banks vacation.

There wasn’t alot of time for fellowship with the ladies except for the drive time that was required. Unless you wanted to stay up the whole night and I just not willing to do that anymore. I was in bed by 11pm and had to get up by 5:30am to get back to the conference center by 7:00am.

We did have lunch all together and that was fun, then we had alot of shopping malls around us so that was next on the agenda. I wasn’t much in the mood for that except maybe finding the baseball glove for the birthday son. So I went to Dick’s Sporting Good store and found the one that was perfect for him. The price was alot better than $199.00……….

If you ever get a chance to see Beth Moore, you should try to go….it was great!!

My son loved the glove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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