The Visit

Back in August, my friend Louann came out here to visit me. It meant alot to me that she thought enough of me to come here.

We also realized then that we had never spent that much time together, from morning til night, and she was without her 4 kids. It was just a real good time and a wonderful time bonding together as friends. She was so laid back (which she is normally) but was fine with just doing all the things that I do on a regular day.
She plans to make this a yearly thing…I’m so glad!

3 thoughts on “The Visit

  1. I cant wait to come visit just don’t know how much I really miss you Deb! Just that short time you were down here in Ashe I really bonded with you…We had such great times! I love you Deb!

  2. I cant wait till I can come and visit you. I just cant tell you enough how much I bonded with you when you were down here. I think about you alot…I miss and love you so much Deb! Keep in touch and God Bless you!

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