Blogging For Money

To be in the blogging business, gives me a whole different freedom trying to earn money.  I have a family and until last year I had home schooled my two boys. Now that they are in school, I have a lot more time but would still like to be home when the boys get home from school.  It gives me the freedom to work when I can whether it is early in the morning or late at night when all the family is in bed.  It also allows me to sharpen up on my skills in writing stories while increasing my vocabulary skills.  All of which is important to me. My husband travels in his business and so I need flexibility in my schedule to work around my kids with their school demands and extra activities the boys might have. 

I learned about the blogging business and it existence when a neighbor told me about payperpost. That’s what she does to make extra income apart from her husband.  Well, all of it sounded good to me so she showed me the mechanics of the business.  While I’m not sure of it all, I am glad to get started and will learn the ropes as I go.  The money I make will be spent on the extras that a household needs.

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