New Friends

Just moved to 1000 miles from where i was… two boys and husband.  Making new friends is fun  and interesting especially at this age of my life.  Its actually more fun because I’m not as petty  and peer pressure doesn’t effect me as much.  I know what I like and just try to be more thoughtful and not as selfish as my younger years.  I would like to instill that in my kids but that may be something they will just have to figure out. 

Moving is also a time to change things that might need to be changed…my youngest Andy said…Mom I don’t think the kids on my bus will miss me when I leave.  I replied why?  He said, there wouldn’t be anyone on the bus to tell on them anymore. 

Then maybe Andy, that might be something that you can change.  The funny thing is that he wasn’t hurt by their comments, just a matter of fact statement.  I think that because he’s a boy and they are just different than us girls!

that’s all!

3 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. You have already been a blessing to me and my family in the short time you have lived here. We look forward to getting to know you even better, all four of you!

  2. When I remarried and moved to a new neighborhood, I had to start making friends all over again as well. It’s funny how different it is as an adult!

  3. Hey Sis, I know u are my Sister but u have become a real friend as well I love you so much and miss u. I miss our talks. check out a site called facebook it is like myspace.

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