Not That Easy

My hubby and I went to work bright and early Saturday morning, and what was suppose to be a somewhat easy day was not. We were faced with the fact that the ceiling once we uncovered tile was a mess underneath. Hubby had to quickly think of how to fix the problem that was only discovered by moving things around.

Yep, I went spiritual, as my hubby quietly (actually talking out loud) tried to figure out the situation, my mind wonder to…’s so good that God knows all the in and outs of my heart. He knows just how to move things around and when the best time is to move them. He is the expert on all the surgeries that need to go on inside my heart. The only membership cards that are needed is the one saying that we accept all the gifts He gives to us. It’s always good to be reminding of who actually is the Keeper of my heart.

I was very proud of my hubby for his expertise in figuring out how to fix these kind of problems. The day ended up good, but it’s was rough for a few moments.

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