My Uncle’s Comment

I just got back from NC to see my family…had such a good time with them.  Again trying to enjoy the moments and really trying to keep that in my head.  Anyway the story goes like this…..hadn’t seen my Uncle Lloyd for about 4 or 5 years, very nice man, in his early 80′s, so my parents, brother Charles, my boys, and myself went to visit him.

Having a good ole visit until the comment…..”Deb, looks like you gained weight.”  Well my mind went into a tailspin, a defensive one at that.  My mom agreed with him, quickly I might add.  It didn’t stay on that conversation long, we were distracted when his wife came back home. 

 They even offered me a Coke, a Coke, I’ll take a Diet Coke if you please.  Now I only said that to Charles sitting beside me.  We laughed!

It’s funny what that did to me… was discussed a few more times with my family, almost taking a vote on it. 

Probably the main thing it did was make me know how age changes you…the proportion just changes and the weight is just harder to get off.  I did catch my defensive side pretty quickly, so that was good.  I was a little surprised of where it sent my mind though.

2 thoughts on “My Uncle’s Comment

  1. Should have stopped by to see us when in NC. Wonder who I am? Ask Ang. she knows. I had a brother named Lloyd (died in ’93). He asked Mother once if she had an almanac because he wanted to see if it told when I would get enough to eat. lol

    I have added you to my blogroll and my google rss feed.

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