So I told you about the slap game that my brother played with my sons. They wanted me to play but there was no way I was going to slap anyone nor be slap! Honestly the boys enjoyed the game, anything for laughs and show how tough they are.

We went out to lunch with one of mom’s friends today, Wilma. She is such a nice, sweet lady and we tried to get with her every time we come here. My middle brother went with us, only guy, but he was a trooper and we were together. Thats what matter.

We went back to her house, where there is lots of history and she tells the coolest stories! So we just sat on the front porch, relaxing, eating keylime pie.

My brother did ask if he could go through some of the history, she has two sheds full of stuff, no Church furniture but everything else and her husband use to make furniture. A very talented man who died a few years ago. She always includes him in all the conversation, saying “we”.

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