Driving Me

My oldest son is driving behind the wheel this month…so he could have his license by the end of the month. Can you believe it? I went to my insurance guy last week to finally look at the cost for my son to be on our insurance. I have heard all the terrible stories, but really it wasn’t that much, it was $40 per month for him to be added. Now if he gets a ticket, then we are talking about a different ballgame, a more expensive one.

We purchased a stick shift last week, a 2 door Mercury Cougar…we took him out and was teaching him how to drive it and actually did pretty good. I wouldn’t let him go out on his own yet but he wasn’t stalling out. We went to a church parking lot to practice. I kept making him start on an incline over and over again.

The best thing about the car is the gas mileage, I’m loving it!

I’m honestly not ready to let him drive alone, even when he gets his license. I don’t trust his instincts yet, he needs more time. Hard to believe I was driving a bus at 17 years old, back 30 some years ago.

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