Sing the Song

Oh what a day, early July back in 2012…..both boys, ages 16 and 14, are in teenage crisis and they are putting more gray hairs on my head then what needs to be. Sometimes I think if someone else asks me another question, my hand will automatically go to their throat:)) I’m always reminding myself “this will pass and it’s not as bad as it seems, breathe in and out, even count to ten.” I’m learning to pray more for my boys and for wisdom to know what to do with the situation.

All of this applies to my hubby for 17 years too! I don’t ever want to end up taking divorce law and practicing on my own blood! I take comfort that God wouldn’t put me in a situation that I couldn’t handle with Him and He is the one who gave me these boys, so He knows I can do it. I scream that at times, I cry that at times, and sometimes I just go to bed and know that tomorrow starts a brand new day, filled with His mercy, and grace! Thank you God for never letting me go!

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