Monster Drink

We have had the best weather here in the last week…..almost perfect! The highs in the 70′s and the lows in the 40′s, like perfect and we don’t have to use the air conditioner, I love that.

My boys went to the gas station a couple of days ago, they each came back with a Monster Energy drink. The next thing I knew my middle son was asking all of us if we wanted to go for a run. It was ridiculous and funny, I told him he was never to have another one of those, ever!! He finally got my youngest to go for a run with him, but it actually scared me because I had never seen him like this, so pumped up from drink. I wonder what the facts are, we know what the facts are for mesothelioma life expectancy but what are are the dangers for these drinks are. I only need a couple of sips to feel the effects from these drinks!

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