The Age

Why is age 14 years old so difficult? Is it because the teen is trying to flex his independence, to desire his freedom, to want to gain the respect of his peers by showing off? Whatever it is, it’s so annoying and rude!! I think the only words they know is stupid, and everything is stupid. Please Lord, give me wisdom to know how to respond.

On to other items. My first day as “the girls basketball coach” was today. We have a 3 day camp this week. I had a lot of fun today and felt like it went really good. I’m glad the first day is over, to get feel for it, and now looking forward to the second day! I need to go over a few more drills for setting screens and moving without the ball. I should come up with some plays of my own and with how I talk sometimes, I could come up with some doosies, maybe a box cutter could be one. That could mean a forward that commands the boards.

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