New Baby

My brother and his wife had their first child. She was born yesterday, 7 lbs and is beautiful. I will show you a picture when I receive one. Her first name is Nevaeh, its heaven spelled backwards. It’s pretty, just different but I think I got it now. I can’t wait to see her in person.

The kids got their first early day today due to weather…’s sleeting and snowing here. It’s not the kind of weather though you have the kids go outside and play in. It’s windy and very cold. They are just exciting about getting out early!

Yesterday I worked. When I got home my oldest son had made cookies and was putting up Christmas lights on the porch. He was taking on the duties of daddy….see yesterday the temperature was about 50 degrees. So it was a perfect day to put them up. I tried not to be too critical in fact, I just let it be. I will fix them later, for now they are fine. I was a little concern about the plug in of the lights, the house is a little old and just wanted to make sure all was safe.

So thats the update for now…..


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