If Only

If only I could put into a bottle the strength I had yesterday, it was a good day.  Had totally filled up on my spiritual food,  I ate and oh my it was good.  Realizing that  everything I have is HIS, and my whole life should be about serving HIM.  I was ready, willing, and fully able to tackle life and not be bully around by any schemes.  It was a good day….the kids did as they were told to do by me, which meant I was doing a terrific job as MOM, my husband was proud of me and made it a point to tell me twice.  How good I felt, how strong I was right then at that moment.  And then it happened—–the next day came, just a little tired and didn’t feel so chipper, still had my time with GOD, I ate and it was good….still I was tired, fighting takes work.  But GOD is still GOD regardless of how we feel…I remember yesterday and at that moment felt as if I could have taken on the Goliath.  But its today now…….in my weakness God is strong.  Thats so good!

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