Bible Study on the Go

Today we went to DOT Foods, with is like a wholesale food store, small but nice. I went with my ladies Bible Study Group, don’t worry we still did our Beth Moore DVD in Ally’s van. It was such a fun trip! The store is about 40 minutes from my house. Then we went to another store, this one a lot smaller and Amish, they don’t have a big variety but what they do have is cheap! Makes me wish that they a lot more items, like some wholesale fashion jewelry or electronics, something that would help with Christmas shopping.

Anyway, I fared pretty good, only spent $30.00 and got quite a bit, plus the time with the ladies….priceless! [photopress:DSC01203.JPG,full,pp_image]

3 thoughts on “Bible Study on the Go

  1. Hey – that was a fun day! Even if I did have to drive – ha! (by the way, it’s like an hour to Dot… probably seems shorter when you’re riding..)

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