Monthly Archives: June 2012

Summer Time

I’m homesick, it’s time to go home and see my mama!! I know it’s only been since January since I was last down there but I know when it’s time and it is now. So in a few week we will head there. My youngest son just was there for 3 weeks, and he had a blast. It was a first time that I sent one of the boys, I’m not sure why we waited until now to do it. Maybe because of sports…thinking about it now, it’s has to be. They were always playing soccer, baseball, or football in the summer. I love the stories he came back with and my family enjoyed him also, thats always a plus!!

Having one boy gone gave me a little more time to work on little projects, one was finishing up songs that are half way written. It’s hard to finish them, I can get so side tracked! But I even recorded one and maybe just maybe I will copyright it and send it off to a group to see if it is good enough for someone else to sing. I would like to have a friend of mine add more instruments to it, maybe some sounds from a keyboard would be a good effects!

I missed my little boy, who is no longer little anymore!

The Adventure

We did it, finally! We sent one of our boys to visit my family in North Carolina. What an adventure for my youngest! His ride there was a semi tractor and trailer, it had more bells and whistles than an airplane. It took him a day and a half to get there but it was free, and something he had never done before. So far, he’s having a great time, hope so he will staying for a few weeks. I’m praying he will grow some while he is down there, I mean spiritually speaking.

I’m thinking of sending my oldest later this year… oldest brother can do like a spiritual camp or clinic. Hey he could have fixed annuities every summer from me for his services.

We are missing him but I’m glad God worked this out to be able to send him!