Monthly Archives: April 2011

Basketball Days

I think I have shared that I’m playing basketball on Thursday nights, well if I don’t work. Anyway, I got to play last week, played the whole game again, actually had to because we only had 4 players. We had to borrow a player from the other team, but I scored 2 points. I got killed under the basket though cause I kept taking a scribble instead of shooting immediately. Now I know better than that, but in the heat of the moment you do things that you shouldn’t do.

I did get new tennis shoes from the many sneaker storesaround this area. They proved to be the reason for my 2 points, I wasn’t sliding all around the court. At the end of the night though, I still feel like an idiot, but I have alot of fun, just not as young as I used to be, in fact I was the oldest on the court.

Thinking Back

Its been a long 2 days with work, in fact since I’ve joined a basketball league, I have only been able to play twice due to the fact of working on Thursday nights. I have missed the last two games…..but there’s nothing I can do about it, unless we have a breakdown service
for the scan. Even if I paid $27.00 to play for two games, it was still worth it and hopefully next year the day they play on will change.

Anyway back to work, we had a patient today who reminding me so much of an old friend, Kay, who died a few years ago, so much so that tears came to my eyes and my thoughts to remembering her.

It’s Someone’s Birthday

We had a wonderful evening with our dear friends out in the country tonight! Actually they are like family, their kids call us aunt and uncle and our kids do the same. We celebrated their oldest daughter turning big 16!! I have known her since she was 8 years old and where did the time go?? It was hard trying to decide what to get her for her birthday, what do you get a 16 year old? I mean I could think of alot of things I would want to get her but money wise what could i get. It’s not like you can do the drawing utensils or cutting tools, so I decided on a gift card to TJMax. It worked good and she liked it.


I’m hot then cold, emotionally fine one minute then next minute I could think that the world is against me!!! Oh the joys of menopause. At least I don’t have to deal with the monthly item. GOD is helping me through all of it, HE’s so good!

My oldest still have the cast on his hand and really tired of it all, the newest has worn off and he’s ready to take it off. He wanted me to call the doctor to see if he would possibly take it off early, I didn’t!

We have a like adopted son staying with us for a month or so…we have known him since we have been here in the midwest. SO I have 4 men in my life now, but its going well with all of them. The boys sure can eat alot, I have started cutting coupons to help with the cost.

My youngest is as tall as me now and has hair on his face! Time quickly flies by.