Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Drive

We took our oldest up to Des Moines today to catch his ride to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains……we are more exciting then him. I think he’s more nervous about being around teens he doesn’t know, but let the growing begin!!

We had a good trip up…we drove into an electric storm, a great display of fireworks, God’s style. I don’t like thunderstorms at all, but it was something to behold. We were actually listening to an Odessey CD and their story had a thunderstorm going on as well.

We gave him $80.00 spending money for food going out and back….first thing he asked was, “do I get to keep the leftover money?”
He wants to save up for those shoes, nike shocks!! He’ll have to dig into his health savings account for those things.

I did bribe him for pictures. I told him if he used up all 3 cameras, I would give him $10.00! Hope it works!

If He Only Knew

Getting the boy ready for camp is driving me crazy!! Not sure if its the stress from last year from him being in the hospital or just the simple fact he’s leaving for a week and out of my control. The funny thing is, I’m not the pampering mother……I know my job is to train them to get out of the house. But maybe all of this is hitting me in a different way…..whatever it is, I don’t like it. I feel and probably look very grouchy right now!!

And he is just in a happy go lucky mood………..not a care in the world! One day he will know how I’m feeling cause the same thing will happen to him and he will need shampoo for thinning hair and something to cover the gray! Hopefully I will be around to laugh at him!!


The boys need room (like the area on their body)………..have you ever heard that boys should not wear pajamas to bed?? I haven’t but I’m not a boy, my husband told me and the boys this. I wonder if its true, its probably something that he heard once like bacon causes cancer or cucumber is good for acne treatment which is probably true.

When we were away last week at SMI, I told a boy that he had the rest of us in stitches and then noticed a strange look on his face. I then asked him if he knew what I meant, he didn’t and I quickly explained to him. Really thought it was funny that he didn’t know.

It’s reminds me of when I told my youngest to “shake it off”……….he had hurt his foot. He got up and started shaking his foot, then I proceeded to tell him what I meant. Cute.


Lots To Do

My oldest gets his braces off next month……’s only been 8 months. He’s really excited about it and it will be right before school.
But we will still be paying the bill quite a bit longer. My hubby said, ” so now the payments stop”! Such wishful thinking. His teeth look great.

We will be moving by the beginning of school too. We will now be in the same town that our church is, we have alot to do in the next month. But the main thing right now is getting the boys register at school and fall baseball for the youngest boy. As far as moving we will do a little at a time all month. I told the hubby not to buy anymore groceries besides the necessities and definitely no new school furniture.

Our garden is doing well………..we even have a watermelon!! Hubby is so proud!!


Trip of a Lifetime

My oldest son will be going on a trip to Colorado in a week. There he will be hiking the trails in the Rocky Mountains….here is where I could break out singing “Rocky Mountain High.” I do feel a little behind the eight ball just preparing him and getting all the things he needs. But there still is time, it’s all in my head.

I want to make sure he eats properly while he’s hiking, getting the things that will give him the best supplements for what his body needs.

I want lots of pictures from him too, this task might be difficult but maybe I could offer an incentive if he takes them. That might be a good ideal. Mostly, I want him to get to know the Creator alot better and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

Please pray for him.

Storms are Brewing

Sunday and Monday, we had some bad storms and some hgh (hugh) wall clouds that look like they could swallow up earth as we know it. It got so dark today around 11am that it looked like night time. But we survived and no tornadoes were spotted, thank God!


My hubby was up at 6am on Sunday taking pictures, he’s crazy. He woke me up to show me the sky, I went back to bed. I love the scenery and all the pictures God paints but I need my sleep. I haven’t been sleeping good the last week. I can’t fall asleep and if I wake up in the middle of the night I can’t get back to sleep. Yeah I’m sure it has to do with age!

SMI News

SMI is over for the teens at the church……… was a great VBS! The teens did all the work and it was fun watching them work out situations together. The growth in them from last year was tremendous. The communication with us leaders was really good too.

We stayed at the same lodge as last year….WOW! Way out in the boomdocks, talk about cellular shades, we had no service on our cell phones. So you can totally say you have no communication with the outside world. But the lodge itself is a Cadillac, total luxury.

We had 15 kids come out on the second day, the teens were pump. You see, this church was dead and slowly we are trying to revive it. This church is one hour from our home church. Eventually we want to go to another country and do something similar.

KP Duty for the kids too!

One Battle At A Time

Help me Lord, with my wonderful teenager…the oldest. This is where i just keep praying for wisdom and stay focus on the main thing. The main thing being that my son needs my guidance, not my friendship. I felt today like I was in a battle with him…I won but man the battles get tiring! I’m sure I could fix it all with an iphone with an iphone warranty……just kidding. I would never do that even though the other day he did ask for a phone.

My response was a simple no…..shucks,the last week he’s barely had his ipod!

I’m Tired

Oh what a weekend!! From ballgames to Pig Days with our teen group……..anyone have a used rvs for sale, cause could have really used a few this week.

Pig Days with the teens was a hour away from church, we drove the bus up with 16 teenagers and our purpose was to canvas that perticular area for VBS that we will put on in that town. So we had a big tent and free games with lots of free candy! It was a long day but the teens did a great job, then Tuesday we go up again to stay until Friday. This is our 2nd year doing VBS….the cool thing is that our teens are doing everything. I’m loving it, watching our teens grow into adults.

Be Grateful

I know I’m talking alot about baseball but it is whats relevant in my household right now. I also believe that alot of growing up can be acquire from sports. Anyway, Jason Werth of the Phillies two nights ago told a fan to get the f——- out of the way, his young child watching the whole thing.

He is getting paid millions of dollars to play baseball……..lets put that in first. Second, he couldn’t do this without fans paying for the tickets and all those Phillies shirts. Third, being professional in your job. The list could keep going….I find it very sad and shame on Werth for not saying I’m sorry and he was having a bad day instead he said, “he feels bad for the incident”. Come on!!

As tv stands let us begin to take a stand for what is right and just…..