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Words Can Break Us

We have recently been talking to our boys about cussing………..our oldest will be 14 years old in January and wants to be 16 and on his own. Not really but he wants to declare his freedom, be a part of the Free People. You know do what you want when you want and forget around everyone around you! I know its a phase that the age goes through but wow, just trying to figure out what there minds are thinking and trying to reach their hearts is stressful to say the least. I just want to get it right.

The Day

Our Thanksgiving was great with our friends here………..of course we did not eat all of the cookies or the pies! We had few leftovers in the main menu area, in fact I want to buy another turkey just for the great sandwiches, but a much smaller one this time.

We watched alot of football (loved that part of it) and played cards at the end of the day. All the kids got along very well and we did things together which made it perfect. Still amazed that you spend 8 hours cooking for 30 minutes of eating…..we made the kids stay around the table just a little longer, until we all were finished. They didn’t seem to mind so much.

I did miss my family in NC….in August we thought we were going there for Thanksgiving. But I will get there soon, God willing. I wish they would venger out here but doubt that will happen unfortunately despite my ukf8001axx feelings about the whole matter.


Our friends are here from out east, they drove straight through, they didn’t make such great time but arrived safely here. They told us about the big bear’s head they saw on the road. We had a good laugh from that! Of course it had to be a deer, but they insisted it had to be a bear. They aren’t used to seeing so many carcases on the road. I must admit coming to the midwest is not like doing the hawaii vacation packages, plus there’s a chance of snow on Thursday.

So we are cooking today. We women, made 2 pumkins pies and now my hubby is making 2 more, plus a cake. It’s a little too much but he loves to cook around the holidays. So I just let him go at it and leave him alone. He even cleans up the kitchen.

The family that is here to see us has 3 girls, 17, 15, and 9……..then throw in my two boys 14 and 12. It took my 14 year old a little while to warm up to the girls even though he has known them for years! The girls, the second night were asking what was wrong with him?? On the third day he started acting normal again!! I’m glad for all of us.


I have failed yet once again to begin exercising daily…why is it so hard to do. It seems like every time I make a commitment to it, i have a period of not feeling good, so I start for 2 days then it all comes to a halt, then its over! My muscles that I once had in my arms keep becoming softer and softer, then I’m reminded of my age. But in my mind, I keep thinking how in the world could I be this old, I remember when I turned 30!

So all the fitness equipment in the world can’t make you begin all the journey of exercising, it must a disciplined action. You know how much you need it and so you do it!

I think this birthday is going to hard to deal with……….God please help me to look at the positives of it all!


We are having friends come out here from Delaware on Thanksgiving!! We will have 9 people in this house and only one bathroom…can we do it? Yes, of course we can, it might be challenging, but I’m sure we can manage. I’m just trying to figure out way of making more space for them. I need shipping boxes for a week to pack things up and then unload them again. The problem would be, where do I ship them to for a week?? Oh well, we will figure it out. I will use every corner and all the spaces under the bed!

My hubby is so excited, he loves the holidays and having lots of people around. He started shopping for our Thanksgiving two weeks ago. He brought a big bag of pepperoni at Sam’s, cheese that he told me not to touch until that week, all the pie making ingredients that one would use and now wants to put together a menu! He’s giving me a headache, but it cute!!!

He will be redoing our bathroom today. He got permission from the owner. It really needs a new floor and the owner has been wanting to get it done and my hubby is just the guy to do it.

Great Time

I went to a Beth Moore conference this past weekend (Friday 7pm until noon on Saturday). What a great time just to soak in more of Jesus! There were 88 hundred ladies and some men in this arena, jammed pack but still with the technology today, we could see everything that was going on up on the stage. The worship was heavenly and timely for me! It was better than an Outer Banks vacation.

There wasn’t alot of time for fellowship with the ladies except for the drive time that was required. Unless you wanted to stay up the whole night and I just not willing to do that anymore. I was in bed by 11pm and had to get up by 5:30am to get back to the conference center by 7:00am.

We did have lunch all together and that was fun, then we had alot of shopping malls around us so that was next on the agenda. I wasn’t much in the mood for that except maybe finding the baseball glove for the birthday son. So I went to Dick’s Sporting Good store and found the one that was perfect for him. The price was alot better than $199.00……….

If you ever get a chance to see Beth Moore, you should try to go….it was great!!

My son loved the glove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday was my youngest son’s birthday………..the big 12! We wanted to get him a new baseball glove, we found one for $199.00. We opted out of that one and decided to try to find a cheaper one. I couldn’t believe that price!

He has talked of ipods but that would be too much for him at this age. I know with a glove he would use all the time because he loves baseball, but the ipod I just know he would lose it, my opinion.

Life After

Lately I have been wondering what I will do after the kids go off to college or whatever they might do. I have begin to think about doing an online university, so much so in fact that I did an search of what kind of courses that I could take and the cost of them. Today you can do just about anything online, but to think I could obtain a bachelors degree online is amazing. There are so many universities out there, but finding the right one to fit your lifestyle, your financial status and still providing the needs for your family as well, that’s another story. I have found that Western Governors Online University could be the perfect fit for the woman that is trying to find that other life after kids.

What A Day

It was a long day at work today…………7 patients, but the problem was with the communication between networks. They decided not to talk to each other, maybe they were mad at each other or got their feelings hurt. We had to call in a IT guy to help us out with the delemma. He got it going but we had to use another source, so it worked out but by that time we were so far behind, just a wee bit stressful but we survived.

My hubby took care of dinner for me so that was one of my worries off my plate. Now we are watching the Phillies game, pivotal game 5. My hubby had a quote, “tonight they will win” and doesn’t want to talk about last night. He doesn’t want to give a term insurance quote just the quote for Phillies. Tonight is the night for them!!

It’s my youngest son birthday this week……….the big 12 years old. I can’t believe he will be 12…how the time has flown by. Not sure what we will do for his birthday but he will have fun I’m sure. He loves getting the cards and money from relatives.