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Monday, Monday

I played the drums again this week. I have so much to learn but it’s alot of fun. Our practice time was not long enough for me so I had to practice alot at home, the only thing is that our internet service was going off and on. Of all the weeks for this to happen, but it still worked out.
This morning after battling the internet for 3 days I called the service provider looking for help. The guy was very helpful and got me back on but we had to reboot and reconfigure the router. So my last line to this nice guy, who kept saying ” no worries” was “now this isn’t going to interfere with the other computers in the house?” His answer was no!

Wrong….I was unable to get connected, so I called back, got another guy and explained it all to him. The problem was I wasn’t speaking his computer language and I didn’t know his language, but he wasn’t listening to me either. This is really what I wanted to share. So I kept repeating the situation over again then he would say something in computer lingo and I would say, “I’m sorry, could you say that again?” I ended up just saying ok and thank you, cause I received a call on my cell that my youngest son just threw up in his class. I was off to get him, poor kid how bad was it to throw up in class!!

I made one more attempt to have the internet service to help me….the guy was nice and the end result was he listened and read in between the lines I wasn’t saying nor could explain that well. He fixed my problem and I thanked him for really listening to me.

I would not like having jobs in finance, nor would I like doing their job but it does teach you to listen to people, and explain things in a way that anyone could understand. Oh the lessons that we have to learn in life.

Oh Yeah

One of my dreams, lets check it off the list! I played the drums at church yesterday for the main service…….I did okay for the first time. I have a whole lot to learn, but it was so much fun.
It was so strange for me after at least 20 years of playing the guitar in church….the bad thing with the drums for now is that I can’t play and sing, I tried to and messed up the timing. It’s so easy for me to sing and play with the guitar…..but I will keep trying to achieve that task.

I decided that I wouldn’t be able to wear a dress either or pearls jewelry. I would keep it comfortable and simple.

Then I had my two boys looking at me, the whole time, I was sure they were going to say something negitve after I took my seat, but they didn’t. So I didn’t embarrass them, that was good.

So I will continue to keep working on the drums and next will be the bass guitar……………..

What We Remember

The Resurrection Day, Easter……….signed and sealed our way for salvation and eternal life, if we accept it. What a great day!!!
We get used to celebrating it the pagan way with lots of candy, spending money on outlandish kid outfits that the kids hate, (well boys do, not the girls), and doing baskets full of nonsense. Meanwhile back at the throne of Heaven, Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father saying, where am I in all of this………….

Yeah, I went off a little on the deep end, I don’t do the outfits and haven’t for sometime. I grew up with sometimes getting a new dress when my parents could afford it, but if I didn’t I would feel bad. We would also do the colored eggs and baskets…but I knew that wasn’t what Easter was all about.

So my boys did their first colored eggs with my friend’s mother in law…………they had a lot of fun. But I guess you could say my hubby and I aren’t big on keeping traditions, but do agree that there are some that we should hold to.

There is one that should go on a Machu Picchu travel and that is the easter bunny!


Country Living

My oldest finally came up to me the other day and asked if I would teach him the guitar…… was a proud moment for mama bear. It took him long enough. We are taking it as slow as he wants it, don’t want to rush in. Both boys are still pursuing the drums which makes me even happier because all that energy that they have needs to be burned up and the drums are totally a good way to take some of it off.
Don’t think I have mentioned the bass guitar that I purchased, got a good deal and thought I would go for it. I don’t know how to play it yet but I will learn, seems like it would be a fun instrument to play. Of course, I was also thinking of the boys when I decided on it.
While typing tonight, I was hearing outside sounds of maybe coyotes…..oh this country living, I don’t need dog supplies, I need fox and coyote supplies. It does help convince me not to go out late at night.
I have more pictures…………….

My Day

I drove a bus yesterday for the school…I do enjoy driving, but don’t really like doing the turnarounds but I manage them just fine. The boys are excited about Easter break which begans today and goes through next Tuesday. We are not doing anything special just normal stuff around the house. I could look for travel deals and dream for a moment about going to Florida for the five days, now that would be fun!
I went into town today with my friend, practiced on the church’s drums. Why you asked did I do that? Well, I was asked to play in two weeks the drums during the morning service. I am so excited about this.
Then got home and started early dinner only to go back into town for church. By nightfall I was full and needed to go to bed just to start all over for a long day at work the following day. Such is life.

The View

Last night I went to a Natilie Grant concert……….my first time to see her in concert. It was fantastic! It was at a large church in Maryville, IL, in fact it was at the church where last month the pastor was killed during the service. The church is still going stronge despite the adversary.

It was a wonderful night filled with the presence of the Lord in the house.

We had to travel quite a ways to get to our destination but well worth the trip. We couldn’t take pictures once the concert started so I don’t have pictures. We arrived there and I was one of the first people in the church so I had my pick of seats…but they were pews. So I had to save 6 seats for my other friends who were close behind me, I went to the 2nd pew. From the other end, 3 girls came and took a seat, so I asked them to move down, 2 agreed to while the 3rd girl replied, “no, I’m not, we were here first”. The other 2 girls tried to talk her into moving down but she wouldn’t budge. So I moved. We still got to sit in the 6th pew and had good seats, but man it was frustrating for me. I kept reminding myself that it wasn’t worth an argument, we are christians. The concert started and it was over. I only wanted the 2nd pew because of being short, I wanted to see it all. For me it like needing some tv stands to help me see over the people.

After the concert we went to drive thru for our dinner….and heading home. It was a great night!!



Okay it’s April the 2nd and it’s like 30′s outside still!! What’s up with this? I was ready this morning to put on open toe shoes until I checked the forecast…I quickly changed my mind, silly me!! What was I thinking?

I’m ready to plant rose bushes or something out by our front porch. We had rose bushes at our old house back on the eastcoast. I’m not sure what I will do, but we’ve been here for two years, (renting of course for now) but this year something has to be planted.

It’s so hard to believe we have been here two years…baseball is starting up and the boys are looking forward to it. The boys for the first time since they have been playing will not be on the same teams. I believe it will be a good thing, not so much for me because of the extra runs I will have to make. But oh well such is life.

[photopress:DSC04861.JPG,full,pp_image] Thought I would throw in a picture.

Learning to Dance

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass….It’s about learning to DANCE in the RAIN! What a great saying…learning to dance in the rain, learning to laugh, finding joy and peace in the storm. The only way I can do that is thru Jesus!

I am learning how vital laughter has become to me, and finding people that make me laugh. What’s the verse, “the joy of the Lord will be my strength and laughter is like medicine.” All of these verses are becoming alive in my spirit.

I once wrote a song a few years ago, “Dance With ME”, yeah it’s about learning to dance with the Lord and trusting Him enough to let Him lead the dance of your life.

I guess, I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting to play the game, I want in, to play this adventure that God has for me, not going through anymore motions or saying one thing but really meaning something else. Like Stimerex ES jump starts your system, I want God, His word, and His Holy Spirit to do the same for me. I want to live the purpose of why I’m here.