Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Buffet

Sunday we did our normal thing, we did think that the snow was going to keep us at home but it passed over us. Anyway, church was great, excellent sermon about caring for each other and being there in good and bad times.
After church, this older lady ask the boys and I if we would like to go to lunch. So we went to Pizza Hut for the buffet which the boys love, but in hind sight was not really a good idea for this lady. She has earring aids and they tend not to work well in loud places. It also wasn’t a very good place to hold a conversation either, so I learned a valuable lesson that day, to take the exit signs out of the building.
I sat there and worried more about her than I did about making sure I had enough to eat. I left the place hungry. She handle all of it so well though, not one complaint. Sweet lady!
Yes, the boys ate enough and enjoy it!

The Day Off

The kids didn’t have school Friday, so we decided to spend the day in St. Louis and have a fun day, we did. We got a room at a Drury Hotel, very nice! The boys like it because from 5-7pm they give free drinks and snacks, and then a free breakfast in the morning, not the usual donuts and bagels, the real stuff.

So we checked in, then we proceeded to our next destination, the batting cages. Only now do I realized how hard it is to hit a medium speed baseball, and it really hurts the hand. But the boys loved it.

Then we headed out to the hotel for the free drinks and snacks. I was disappointed that they didn’t have popcorn. The youngest was having fun playing on the elevator. Then we ended up at a dollar movie, that we were fortunate to find. We saw Ink Heart and we all enjoyed it.

I did realized something more on this trip, I really hate traffic. We don’t have traffic where we live now so what we faced in St. Louis on a Friday night was ugly! Then you have my eyes that are not what they used to be, then you have a hubby in the passenger seat who was trying to direct me, well I felt like I need a term life insurance for seniors. I did keep telling him I would be glad to allow him to drive.

We had a memorable time!

Monday, Monday

Typical Monday, I had 4 patients but were spread out, so I had a two hours gap and was able to take lunch to my hubby. He also was working in town and my friend was painting with him. They have the bathroom almost finished and it’s looking real good. The owner of the house is very happy and she is such a nice lady. It is fun getting to know her. She goes to our church, so she is only 5 minutes from the church. That would be glorious to live only 5 minutes from the church, I would have cheap travel insurance and so many other benefits too. It could happen one day, the Lord willing.

Oh I failed to mention, it was warm today. I didn’t even need a coat this morning. It felt wonderful!!! Tomorrow is suppose to be even warmer…I know what you’re thinking, it will be in the 90′s soon enough.

All Night Long

Our Junior High Class had an all nighter on Friday night and I had my doubts about being able to stay up the whole time but I did it! I did it! We had 46 teens there, a whole lot of energy, good food, music, and lots of activities to fill up the night, including my favorite….basketball. I think I could play the whole night if my body would allow me too. Anyway, we had 7 adults to lead and supervise this event. We worked well together like the body of Christ should do, like auto performance parts, making the engine purr like a kitten, in this case enabling the teens to have so much organized fun in a safe place while teaching them about Christ.

I believe about 10 of teens raised their hands when the invitation was given to accept Christ. It blessed my heart and it was a joy to be a part of this!


A Day

I have driven the bus for the last two days now….yesterday wasn’t has much fun. We were having alot of rain and some of the roads were flooded. But all things ended up safe for all the drivers.

I try to talk to all the kids, and then there are the 7th grade and above teens. They pretend not to hear you when you speak to them, so I talk louder than normal. No, it doesn’t happen all the time and not with all of them. Be sure that I’m not one to embarrass them or my son, but I do want to know the teens my kids go to school with and who they hang out with. So I will do my best to have relationship with them.

I helped today with the bathroom job with my hubby, but didn’t do too much. Figured out what to do with the cast iron bathtub, I was glad of that. But I don’t know how to do the tile, so I wasn’t much help besides doing the grunt work. It was very appropriate, continued to flatuate the whole time he was working, (it was a small area) so it wasn’t good for me. Really stunk! Must be the colon cleansing stuff he’s been taking. He’s been on this for two weeks. I can tell you first hand its working. He says it will help you lose up to 10 pounds, so that’s good diet pill information. Aren’t you glad I shared this??

My Niece

My youngest brother finally found the love of his life and had the child that he has wanted for years…..she is gorgeous. She may be sending some Dallas resumes in the coming years and it would be fitting since my brother is a Dallas Cowboy fan (not sure why though).

They are very happy and it is so sweet to see my brother this happy. The joy can be seen all over his face.


Not That Easy

My hubby and I went to work bright and early Saturday morning, and what was suppose to be a somewhat easy day was not. We were faced with the fact that the ceiling once we uncovered tile was a mess underneath. Hubby had to quickly think of how to fix the problem that was only discovered by moving things around.

Yep, I went spiritual, as my hubby quietly (actually talking out loud) tried to figure out the situation, my mind wonder to…’s so good that God knows all the in and outs of my heart. He knows just how to move things around and when the best time is to move them. He is the expert on all the surgeries that need to go on inside my heart. The only membership cards that are needed is the one saying that we accept all the gifts He gives to us. It’s always good to be reminding of who actually is the Keeper of my heart.

I was very proud of my hubby for his expertise in figuring out how to fix these kind of problems. The day ended up good, but it’s was rough for a few moments.

Good Day

I know it ‘s been a couple of weeks since I wrote in my blog. We are doing well and it actually was 60 degrees here today. The sun was shining bright and it was warming my heart. I worked with my hubby today on a bathroom project for a lady in Quincy. Our task today was to get out the steel cast iron bathtub and my hubby had doubts but we did it. We accomplished the goal he wanted for today. He did alot more work than I did but it was fun just being with him and doing the work together.

Who knows maybe one day we will be doing this as a ministry after the boys are grown and out of the house. We will need to get some cheap auto insurance quotes, because by that time who knows if we will have social security available for us and we will need save wherever we can. But God will take care of us just like now.