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Our Olympics Explosion started on Thursday….where we rewrote the song Born to be Wild. Its going very well….teens are interacting with the songs, games are crazy wild, food is good, and the message is just right. We have had teens accept Christ, which is the whole purpose!

The games that are being invented are crazy…like riding tricycles with a homemade jousting stick.
Now I’m sure the Chicago personal injury lawyers would want to come and see if there are any cases for them. The jousting sticks are made out of PVC piping and something soft at the end of the stick.

Then we had a race of recliners, piled with 4 teens……they were really tired after this one. I tried pushing and was exhausted afterwards.

The teens nights were Thursday through Saturday, then the Junior High, Sunday through Tuesday.
I’m really tired but it’s been exciting to be a part of this!


His Peace

This is yet another story about one of my boys….youngest. We were driving back from church, the oldest was playing in an All Star game (they won) and he wanted to talk about not wanting to die by means of water. You have to know the kid, before this talk, while at Wendy’s, he asked if salt could killed you. He has always asked alot of questions.

Anyway back to the story, I told him that God knows this but if it did happen God would give him the peace that passes all understanding. So I explained (as best as I could) this to him. That at the time we need it the most, despite our circumstances bad or worse than that, He would always get us thru, not with California wines but with His Holy Spirit.

Then I went on the tell him that in the next moment a deer could run out in front of us and he could fall off his bike and hit a rock……we don’t know what’s going to happen but He also tells us not to fear, we keep on living!

Is Your Head Down?

My son (youngest) and I was travelling in to town, a trip that we have made at least 100 times. He was in the back seat and playing the gameboy, not paying attention to where we were at. So with his head down he said, “Mom are we almost to the church?” My answer to him was “if you would just look up, you’ll be able to tell where you are at.”

Isn’t it like that on this christian journey…..we get off focus and our noses into something that get us off course a little. It could be a issue with something as little as a disagreement with another brother or sister in Christ. It could something as big as anger that has grown over the years and therefore we have been stuck for years. Doing the same thing over and over again, with the same anger for years and we lose our way, we lose sight of what Christ is all about. Jesus is about mercy, grace, forgiveness, and love. God is the avenger, and we can trust in Him for everything. We have our life insurance in Christ alone.

The First Time

The Junior Fusion Worship Band performed live for the first time on June 22……they did so well! They weren’t nervous or they didn’t show that they were nervous! They did, He Reigns and God of Wonders…’s just good to watch and see what God is doing in their lives. Also to vision what they will become years from now. (I’ll put a picture in soon, to show you.)

Yeah, I go there, thats how my mind works. God is good!

Be Safe

Yesterday, I was convinced from a friend to put Be Safe on the boys computer. I’ve put it off for several months. As far as I know they haven’t travelled anywhere on the computer as of yet, but there’s the first time and I don’t want that to happen!

I put a password on the TV and my computer. There’s been too many times with the TV that they were watching something that was just too much for them or just plain bad for them.

Getting back to the computer and the safeguard, (which was a great small business opportunitites), the boys tried to go to youtube today and was unable to get on. There are places on youtube that are not appropriate for the boys and this will help to keep them safe from those places.

I feel much better about the places they can’t go now!

It’s How You Play The Game

Tonight was the last game of the tournament and the season for the boys. They were in the finals of the tournament and lost the game 2-0. They played a very good game but offensively they had tough time against the opposing team’s pitcher. The boy pitched a great game the whole game!

My boys did well after the game, with hardly any bad attitudes. As a mom and one who loves sports, I look for the attitude just as much as I do the playing of the game. Sometimes I give an attitude treatment, instead of an acne treatment. They will continue to grow in this, I’m sure!

They both played well and I’m very proud of them, regardless of winning or losing! Next year it will be another season of learning and getting better at the game of baseball and life.

Leaving On A Jet Plane

My oldest will be flying on a plane soon all by himself, he’s 12 1/2 years old…..which I think will be good for him. Especially since I know my kid so much, he is very out going and always likes to do things with people, and I can’t stress the word always enough. Since the beginning of time for him, he has been that way, I couldn’t leave him alone for a minute as a baby.

He is taking the news very well, asking alot of questions which for this I don’t mind as much. My first time on a plane was when I was thirty years old. I’m glad he will be experiencing this early in life. I don’t think we will need life insurance for kids, I really want him to start believing in God’s power in his life, to know that He can be real in a kid’s life just as much as an adult.


Born To Be His Child

What’s going on at church? So much, we are doing a Senior and Junior High Explosion for the end of June. I’m in charge of the music, should be alot of fun. I thought at first it should be like a normal church service but now I’m headed for more fun. So I started thinking about songs that could be turned around and make it christian, like Born to Be Wild….how about Born to Be His Child! It’s working and we have a great lead guitarist at the church, so he will be featured for this song.

So I’m getting out the music books and just want to make it fun! We are also doing My Girl and of course changing it to My God.

The main thing is that we do what God wants us to do!

Baseball in the Midwest

The boys are having so much fun with the baseball spring season…..they came in 1st place in their league. Ben has become quite the pitcher and also plays 1st base. Andy is busy at 2nd and shortstop. The coach also tried to put him in to pitch, but he’s just not ready, he doesn’t want to pitch.

It’s so much fun as a mom to watch them play…..I learned alot as a teenager playing sports, even spiritually!

Andy gets really tired and needs to eat properly before the game, even if he’s not hungry. So I started with the speech and a list of best diet pills, no they would be for me, for Andy its just eating the normal stuff, carbs, protein and sweets. (I still think God should have made one day for us that just didn’t count, we eat whatever we want!)

Ben is learning how to handle pressure with being a pitcher….he does well with it.

They also won their 1st game of the tournament…Ben had a one error but he did well to get back into the game. Oh one thing, here in the midwest they are serious about their baseball, even at the my boy’s ages.

Sick Days

Its been some wild days here in the midwest. My work schedule has been a little different also, not as many patients, which is a good thing. Last week we had no patients on Monday, but seven on Thursday. Two of them were 91 years old……I sure they have a medicare supplement, but it made me wonder at 91 would I be interested in a scan of any kind.

Now I’m not exactly sure how I will feel once I reach that age, but thinking about it now I would not want a scan, I mean if I live to 91…….that would be really good and would I want to have chemo or radiation?? Now I’m not saying we should set a age for any kind of hospital care or treatment, not at all, I’m just thinking out loud.