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Christmas Shopping? Need a Payday Loan?

I know as tough as it can be for all of us in todays crazy times, I still would rather pay cash
for my Christmas gifts than put them on a credit card. It is so easy to pull out that nasty 21% credit card and pay twice as much for that sale item. My husband and I as I talked about in a different post don’t know what want to get for our boys. We know on thing, we are not going to bust the budget!! A thought is using payday loans to get an advance on your pay check, but just pay it back right away. It can also help you through a slow month when you just need that little push to get to home plate. payday loans are a unique and popular online source of funds. They are nation wide so is eay to apply. Again, I have preached not to use those credit cards before, so keep them in your wallet this Christmas, and use cash!!!

Bible Study on the Go

Today we went to DOT Foods, with is like a wholesale food store, small but nice. I went with my ladies Bible Study Group, don’t worry we still did our Beth Moore DVD in Ally’s van. It was such a fun trip! The store is about 40 minutes from my house. Then we went to another store, this one a lot smaller and Amish, they don’t have a big variety but what they do have is cheap! Makes me wish that they a lot more items, like some wholesale fashion jewelry or electronics, something that would help with Christmas shopping.

Anyway, I fared pretty good, only spent $30.00 and got quite a bit, plus the time with the ladies….priceless! [photopress:DSC01203.JPG,full,pp_image]

Lazy Day

Don’t know if any of you know this or not………..just kidding those of you that know me know I love football, which makes life a lot better with boys in the family! Sunday, the Eagles almost beat the Patriots, and what a exciting game to watch. I actually let the boys make a deal with me on watching the game since the game was on that night. The deal was on Monday night they had to go to bed at 7pm, so they could get the sleep they’ve missed. So it was a memorable time for us.

Sunday we didn’t have church that night, so I invited friends from church out to the house, (30 minutes away from church). We just hung out eating, watching football, and talking. It was so nice and comfortable, we even had snow falling on the way home from church. We had subs and chicken soup with spinach, with a utility cart in the living room with little snacks on it. I was able to use up the leftovers from Thanksgiving sweets.

It was just a really good day of fellowship and getting to know one another better, along with getting them to be at home in my house.

A Trip of a Lifetime

My two sister in laws and myself have been planning a dream trip for the last few years, to go someplace just with the girls. We want it to be active but still relaxing, exciting, and bold. Enjoying nature and having plain old fun!

We have talked about the west, maybe a dude ranch, but if we do that we need to hurry up and do it. I have a feeling that would require a lot of energy! Alaska doesn’t sound bad either, but I think I want to save that to share with my husband, we both would enjoy that a lot.
Maybe to do one of those caribbean cruises, my husband doesn’t like the hot weather, I do!

Here’s what I do know, it’s time to stop talking about it and do something about it, and we can spend all our lives talking about one thing or another, and probably believe that you have done it when you are older. You know, like when you dream at night and wake up the next morning, thinking it actually happened. It’s a shame to start realizing this at my age, these are things that you wished you could have figured out at a much younger phase.

Yes, I’m not talking just about the trip now, all sorts of things are coming to mind. I know people in my life that are afraid to live, may I not be one of them. May my boys be able to learn not just from experience but from listening to older people talking about their lives.

All I Want For Christmas

My husband and I are trying to figure out what to get the boys for Christmas and I have already told you how I feel about Christmas, so I won’t say anymore about that. The boys both want a DS gameboy along with a few other things. I am struggling with the DS, because they already have gameboys, not the new ones but come on, do they need the newer version. Will I be teaching them contentment if I refuse this gift?

Or do I go with a drum set, something I think they would enjoy but they just don’t know that they would enjoy it. This is when I can hear my dad saying, “We only got an orange and two pieces of candy.” I don’t want to go back to those days, but to give them everything on their list…..come on! This is what drives me crazy! When I get crazy, I can be grouchy or if you are from the south, you become ill, either way it’s not a pretty thing.

By the end of this, I could use a bed and breakfast gift certificate just to become myself again.


I have several friends who are just as I am, very frugel. When we lived in Delaware we built our own home because my husband is a builder. He used to be a realtor and has alot of experience in the building and helping people obtain mortgages. One thing I do not want to do is pay alot for this muffler. This is an old saying from a muffler company commercial, so when it comes to the next time we build and obtain a mortgage, we will compare mortgages and rates. My husband said 2 mortgage companies are not the same, and you need to dig into all the details and costs. Many mortgages have fees that you never herd of, just takes some investigation. With the morgage market in so much turmoil over the cut rate mortgages that have re-set to higher rates, leaving people in a mortgage mess, it will always do alot of good to compare mortgages and companies to make sure you know what you are getting into ahead of the game. fixed rate mortgages are the only way we will build and pay again. We have sold and moved as you know and the next home we want to build, we want to have a modest home so our mortgage is affordable. Most of all we want to make sure that it does not control our lives. Alot of these lower rate mortgages come with a twist. They change after a bit of time and re-set to a higher rate. These are mortgages that people gamble on and believe that the rates will be cheaper or will be able to refinance after the time is up on the initial rate. But you can never know what is coming down the pike, illnesses are a big part of mortgage failures as well as job security. Be smart when you are looking don’t let the house be so much of what your life is about. We have never been that way and we won’t. We want to be able to pick up and do what God wants us to do when it’s time.

Thanksgiving Eve

We have our Thanksgiving Eve Service last night, it was really good. We had testimonies, music, and scripture from God’s Holy Word.

One of the testimonies was from a woman, who we thought a few months ago was going to die and now she back at home recovering from all sorts of things that were wrong in her body.

God is amazing! Trying to figure out what God is doing is also mind blowing….everytime I think I have something figured out, I don’t. So my conclusion is not to figure it out, cause His ways are higher than my ways and same goes for His thoughts. The best thing I can do is just stay connected by praying, reading the Bible, and listening, oh the ultimate challenge DOING!

Popping It Up

In the past couple of weeks we have started watching our old videos and how it brings back a flood of memories. The kids enjoy it so much and just laugh the whole way thru them. Normally we’ll do this right after dinner time, so the kitchen will be cleaned up after dinner, not 10 minutes after that cleaning, they will ask me to make popcorn, not the microwave kind either. I have started making it the normal way and the boys love it so much. I don’t like the mess that the oil makes, so I could really use one of those , home theater popcorn machines then I could have enough popcorn a couple of days.

Also this Thanksgiving Day I used the video camera instead of the camera…..we even had a few snowflakes. The boys were in their glory!

A Big Big Yard

So I told you some about our house, now to the outside. We have a big yard, (which I love so much) and I thought I would get some exercise by mowing the yard with a push mower. While it was a self propelled, I still struggled to keep up with cutting it. Anyway hopefully next year I will find a good deal on a rider.

Getting back to the story, big yard with 2 barns, 2 larger buildings and 1 garage. We can use the garage but not the other buildings. The garage is big enough for our car, tool storage and room for other things. It is detached but does not have garage door opener, its manual.
We are surrounded by farm land , and 3 giant trees in the side yard that are beautiful.

Oh and the sheep are gone, the farmer put them somewhere else, afraid that the dogs would be back for more

The Other White Meat

As we close on yet another year, the thought always go through my mind, time moves so quickly. We often find ourselves wishing it away. Maybe that’s why I find at this stage of my life, to do my best on focusing on now, not the future nor the past but now. We have been watching videos of when our kids were 2 and 4 years, and living back in those moments are precious. It also does a number on me now, I need to take more videos, I take a lot of pictures but not videos.

So this Thanksgiving and Christmas I plan to use the old video camera and enjoy all the moments I can get my eyes on. Plus I will be enjoying the feasting of food, I’ll probably need hoodia before the meals to suppress my appetite, or I could just do the other method…….just eat it and do the common theme in this blog, ENJOY IT.