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Mid Life

It’s May! Glorious May! School will be almost over and the summer activities will begin. I’m hoping this year, not as many as last year.

Both boys have jobs and will be working, then staying busy with staying in shape for basketball, while I will be enjoying having no responsibility in doing school. While typing this it has come to my mind that I must get ready for next year…ugh!

Meanwhile, I feel like I’m going through another mid life crisis in my head. It’s called the mid life stomach. Yep I will be working on that too.

But the wonderful thing about all of this is I don’t have to go through any of it alone. My God is working in me to do His work and His will, as I yield my life to Him.

Sweet Music

We have one of our teens back from college for the week. Of course, we put him right back to work on stage with our worship band! It sounded so sweet to hear his guitar playing and his sense of humor. He’s playing for the Thanksgiving Eve service also. But we will need a couple of microphone booms at musicians friend to make it all complete.

It’s going to sound sweet and let it be pleasing to His ear!


What is going on with Miley Cyrus? Let’s go back 2 years, an all american girl, with her own TV show, the best of it all according to the world’s standard of success. She had great parents, lots of money and yet happiness is no where near her? Why? Only shows that to have it all means you don’t have it all or you would not be searching for anything else.

Maybe she needs a long vacation, maybe found a massage school in chicago to meet up with an angel that would point her back to the foundation of God. Could be she just needs God…I’m praying for her.

I wondered what she did after the awards? Get smashed, have sex with multiple guys, or just pass out from the intoxication of the evening? You can only live that way for so long…I feel bad for her and for what’s going on inside her to make her act out the way she is.


Have Your way Lord with my day
may my hands be used for thee
Have Your way Lord with my day
may my feet walk in Your peace
May my eyes see thru Your eyes
And may ears hear with Your heart
Have Your way Lord with my day
Let this be how each day starts.

This is my prayer!!

Meet Up

There are days now that I just want to throw up my hands and meet with my heavenly Father! This world is just hard sometimes. My purpose for living has become quite different over the years. I know HE has a plan and a purpose for my life or else I would be with Him now. So as the old song says, “keep on walking.”

Anyway, no I’m not depressed just getting homesick for no more tears and heartache from the normal things of life. We live and we have to die, its’ the natural progression. Maybe I feel like a Slow computer. I need a reboot…

More Pictures

We had a great time that evening, reminiscing of years gone by and how things have change. It’s amazing how even scenery can take you to a certain time in your life, just like a song can. Every road I took that evening I had memories to go with them and I could see in my imagination how it was then.

More Scenery

One of my evenings in North Carolina my sister in law and I went riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was beautiful. The mountains to me are in comparison to the ocean. Just a never ending of beauty and wonder that God made for us to enjoy and behold the wonder of His majesty!

I try to imagine what it would have been liked to have hiked these mountains. The settlers who needed many oakley backpacks to go in the above parts. I think I would have been a little scare of the bears and mountain lions. But really they didn’t have a choice, you live and explore or you die wondering what could have been, just like now!

The Truth

Do we ever get old enough not to blame others? I was shocked when the Tucson shootings resulted in blaming Sarah Palin, and the sheriff of Tucson being so unprofessional in giving the details of the shootings. You just want to shout out to him, “just the facts, please.” Then there’s the issue of blaming others all the time……..we do our best to teach our kids this but we see it anymore all the time on TV. I think the people in government want to get us off focusing on stupid issues to keep us from seeing the main thing. Unfortunately, we as a nation have done this for so long, especially before Fox News.

Plus I’ll be the first to admit that I do it too, but I’m not a law officer getting paid good money to uphold the law and I don’t have any banking jobs. It does sound like this 22 year old has some major issues going on in his brain. I really feel bad for his family who now is wondering what went wrong and could be blaming themselves! That picture that the news are continually showing doesn’t help any too, I just imaging as a parent how I would feel.


Another year has gone and its worse this year, people demanding that the word Christmas be taken out of our vocabulary! I heard this morning on Fox about a man who did not like his neighbor putting up excessive Christmas lights.

Well, what if we would go back to our roots of Christmas and really just celebrate the real reason, without the commercialization of what it has become and we have made into. I bet the those people wouldn’t like it too much then!

What if we didn’t buy family christmas gifts, what if we didn’t buy any gifts at all and simply celebrated the day, which means to observe a day or commemorate an event with ceremonies or festivities, it would be to honor our Lord Jesus on the day we celebrate His birth!!

Just Kidding

My brother text me today and asked if we had buses across the street from us……….I text back “yes, and how did you know?” He wrote back, “I’m there!” I quickly ran downstairs and ran out the front door, my husband was wondering what I was doing? I looked up and down the street and didn’t see him or his car, now it was hard to see clearly because in my excitement I forgot to put on my glasses. I looked a few seconds longer, then went back upstairs to my phone. I called him, he was kidding. He was on his new phone app on satellite. It worked well for him, sad for me. I actually thought that maybe he would surprise me and be on my front porch!!

I miss my family alot, probably more than I even realize, it what I have gotten used to.