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Almost Summer Time

So good that the summer is almost here and finally it’s warm. Of course we will be complaining that its too hot! But everything I do that I hope the Holy Spirit will remind me just to be thankful and to be reminded how cold it was this winter.

I longed for the warm weather to come. What’s funny is at my own house today, my hubby had the AC on and I was freezing inside the house. I have my sweats on and a long sleeve shirt!

A Long Trip

I just went on a 2940 mile trip. It was a total of 43 hours driving in a car. We had a lot of fun and good conversations, most of all we were able to talk about anything without interruptions.

We made the trip for a women’s retreat that my friend did the speaking and I led worship. The event was fantastic and brought around 150 women. To lead worship for a group like that is just wonderful. They were ready and just wanted to dive in.

I learned so much at this event about people, about taking the better way to deal with something, about really listening and leaning into His ways.

Good Call?

I have sat for the last 3 days in basketball games and for the last few weeks I have started analyzing everything. It’s not in a negative spin just trying to figure out in my own mind why we react to life as we do. Yeah so my mind is in overdrive and right now I’m not sure how to cut it off.

My point to all of this is to talk about the referees we had at our games this week. We had probably 3 that were just annoying and I don’t think they cared at all. It showed too. It showed in how they ran up and down the court, it showed in how talked to the boys, how they call a foul, (you couldn’t hear what they were calling), and the main thing I don’t think they won’t feedback. It is my understanding that if there is a problem it’s an unsolvable problem. That’s just not right.

Lost the First

We are having Regionals in our town this week…it’s huge. I want to say like 50 teams, all homeschoolers. Our town is enjoying the revenues from the games and families.

We were ready for our first game and it was a great one. Our boys played so good but ended up losing by one point in overtime.
I felt really bad for our boys. I still can recall how it feels as a player.

Give Me More

Let’s talk more. Our electric guitar player for our 2nd service just purchased a pedal to go with his amp. He is still getting used to the system and it’s going rather well.

I love the sound he gets from it. The reverb is tremendous and works well with our band and I love the sound! There are times when on my acoustic the reverb lingers and it can cause problems but for the most part I can tame it down.

Good Morning

phone 1264

These men we have been spending quite a bit of time with all in the name of basketball. This is what they look like in the morning. A little scary if you don’t know them otherwise they big teddy bears! The one on the left is the assistant coach and the other one is the dad of two of the players. They both are wonderful guys!

Acoustic Girl

We need a really good electric guitar player to come along our way. I played my Taylor as an electric through a processor but for the enormous sounds you need for that!

The sound I came up with was ample but not enormous. Then the other issue is my playing. I’m not electric, I’m acoustic. I have been for 30 years.

Bible Study

Sometimes I feel I can do nothing right. Yes I know I’m wrong but at times those feelings are so strong, I feel inadequate about everything. Sleep helps me along with praying God’s truth.

We had Bible Study today. We are doing a James MacDonald study. It’s our first time with him, we normally do Beth Moore. It is a nice change.

Stay It Loud

Let it ring through the classic bose sound mobile at musicians friend that we are champs of the state. Penetrating through the speaker would be the song “we are the champions my friend.”

It’s amazing the technology of today and how they get sound to go from one device to another. I would love to watch an episode of How You Made It so maybe I could understand the wonderful technology.