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Oh, Mom

My mom was probably the coolest mom, all my friends just loved her. 

 But there is one thing I remembered growing up… when all of us kids (4 of them)were going to town and Mom would have her country songs on, (thus the reason why I know who Conway Twitty is) and we children would break out into an argument.  I remember Mom just going crazy, saying she couldn’t handle the all the noise.  That happened not just when driving in her car, but other times when it seemed like there was more than one activity going on around her.  Well…..

30 years later……I’m tuning my guitar, preparing for playing worship music with the band at a teen boot camp.  Kids were around, conversations going on, and loud music in the background, but certainly not background music, remember I’m tuning my guitar, behind me something gets dropped causing a loud bang….my insides are absolutely going crazy!  I’m wanted to scream out……shut up!  Now of course I didn’t nor did I have a right to, I just always remember my Mom during this time, and now I know how she felt all those times.

Bloody Nose

What to do—–head back or head forward, pinch nose?  In front of kids (12-13 yrs. old), about 10 of them, and risk a chance of being wrong—decision had to be made and i was the one to make it even though I didn’t know for sure. 

My choice was wrong—-in my time, the answer was head back and thats all I remembered plus my experiences with bloody noses were pretty much zero.  So I covered up my ignorance well and believe I didn’t lose any respect from the kids.