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It’s Someone’s Birthday

We had a wonderful evening with our dear friends out in the country tonight! Actually they are like family, their kids call us aunt and uncle and our kids do the same. We celebrated their oldest daughter turning big 16!! I have known her since she was 8 years old and where did the time go?? It was hard trying to decide what to get her for her birthday, what do you get a 16 year old? I mean I could think of alot of things I would want to get her but money wise what could i get. It’s not like you can do the drawing utensils or cutting tools, so I decided on a gift card to TJMax. It worked good and she liked it.


Since the beginning of last year I started going to the tanning bed to achieve that perfect tan. Well, it wasn’t perfect but I liked that a whole lot more than doing what I used to do….laying out in the sun for hours. I know that the tanning bed lotions are important to have but I did without the lotions. I still go now but I avoid my face and just get the body. I need to try to stop the wrinkles on my face!

Our Bible Study ladies drove into town this week for our study…….they saw my house for the first time. All went well!

We are still enjoying all the benefits of living in town and we thank God for providing,

Country vs. City

How do I like being in town versus country living? I love the conveniences of being in town, of running an errand and being back home in 10 minutes, of being 5 minutes from our church, of being 3 minutes from one of the places I work two days a week. But I do miss our house in the country, the quietness, the big yard, knowing that we have to plan the time with wisdom because we are far away from town, and my group of friends. One of my nieces asked me “did you want to move?” My replied was that God wanted us to move and it was best for the whole family, that sometimes we don’t want to do something but we know its the right thing to do, it wouldn’t be our number one choice but clearly is was God’s, and with that it was settled.

I’m very thankful for what HE has provided us with, its such a cute house. I never dreamed we would be in town, my hubby was always against that, but with time things change and with God our hearts will change.


I took the boys to Arby’s the other night and to be a little cheaper, I put french fries in the oven before we left, we went to Arby’s to grab the sandwiches, and came back home to eat. It was great to do that.

The boys didn’t like the thoughts of not eating the curly fries from Arby’s but oh well. Again all the conveniences of in town living, getting car insurance quotes, running to Staples for a project for my older boy, and the list just keeps growing.


So we headed off to see our grand room…… friend got it from priceline for a fabulous price. I would highly recommend it for anyone. Going into the lobby, and waiting to check in, we felt under dressed, by a landslide. The employee wanted to know if we desired a key to a refreshment center, “Yes, sure”. I didn’t know it was a refreshment center mainly for alcohol, needless to say we didn’t use it. The prices were outrageous!!

We were not disappointed at all, the place was beautiful and fully equipped with all you would ever need. I’m surprised that they didn’t have multi hand dryers for the restrooms.

The ceiling.


Happy anniversary to my sweetie of 16 years….we celebrated by going to Chicago for 2 days. No kids, no schedule, just a time to kick back, see a couple of friends, site seeing in a big city experience! We had perfect weather, just beautiful nice 70 degrees!!

We arrived via amtrak (vga cable), used the loop transportation system, and the taxi a couple of times, oh and we walked probably 6 miles. It was amazing getting around in the big city, we really my hubby did really good, I just followed. We met up with a couple of Polish friend of ours and of course we went to a Polish restaurant for lunch. It was good, I was a little afraid I would be hungry after but it was fine. Then we headed to set in to our hotel………….wow, how nice that was!!

Chicago sites!


Oh what a day, I worked and then went with a friend to get school supplies. The trip itself was fun but getting home and trying to organized my kids with the supplies was a pain in the tush. The oldest wanted to at least organized his stuff and put it together, but the younger one was busy trying on the socks I brought and the boxers. This actually was very cute to watch, I could get him any personalized gifts and he would be happy. Once the oldest had his stuff done, the younger one just say, he would take his on Monday, his desire was to go to bed.

The good thing is I really didn’t get stressed getting them this year…….maybe I’m growing up!! I have misplaced my younger son’s ipod, I had it and now it’s gone. Losing things drives me absolutely bonkers!!

Moving On

Just information, the pictures from the trip were taken in July 2010, I gave my son my old camera and I didn’t think of changing the date on the camera. But aren’t those views something else. I would love to go there, God willing one day I will.
Well it happened, we are moving closer to town… happened suddenly and just in a fashion that was undoubtingly God. It will be sad leaving the area where we are but it’s only 30 minutes away! We will save so much in gas money, my hubby is very excited about all of it.
He’s hoping to drum up alot more business in town and build some steel buildings, or at least renovate some houses. God will provide, He always does!

SMI News

SMI is over for the teens at the church……… was a great VBS! The teens did all the work and it was fun watching them work out situations together. The growth in them from last year was tremendous. The communication with us leaders was really good too.

We stayed at the same lodge as last year….WOW! Way out in the boomdocks, talk about cellular shades, we had no service on our cell phones. So you can totally say you have no communication with the outside world. But the lodge itself is a Cadillac, total luxury.

We had 15 kids come out on the second day, the teens were pump. You see, this church was dead and slowly we are trying to revive it. This church is one hour from our home church. Eventually we want to go to another country and do something similar.

KP Duty for the kids too!

Be Positive

We are looking for a rental in the nearby town………where our church is at. I’m not thrilled about it but I do understand, most of my hubby’s business will be in that town and with gas prices being what they are, it makes sense.

We looked at an old farmhouse today, actually I did. Hubby looked at it a few days ago and told me about it. It needs alot of work and cleaning up but the price would be much less for what we thought we would pay for an intown rental. So I need to see beyond what the looks are and see the potential in this house. The positive is that the kitchen and bathroom would be new. We would need some rustic furniture to make it work in this house, but thats not really my style, so I’ll stick with what I have.

We will see how all of this plays out.

In Town Living

I was telling you about the need to move closer to town, mainly because that will be where most of my hubby’s work will be. There will be many advantages to living there, one huge one will be Sundays. We stay in town all day on Sundays, and most of the time
with no place to go, so after we go out to eat for lunch, we have time to kill. So if we live in town, we’ll more than likely spend less money, since we’ll just go home!!! Plus maybe afast weight loss with going home to eat. That would be fun.

I remember one day about month ago, I had done all I could do and just took a nap in the car. It was a nice but was a little sore from sleeping in a weird position.

We do spend quite a bit on gas each month, plus we love to watch football in the fall. I really miss that and we would get that back with moving into town.