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Go Boys

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This was taken after a huge overtime win that put the boys into the championship in Minnesota. We did lose in that game. My nerves for that game were crazy. I had butterflies the whole game. I think mainly because they weren’t playing up to their potential and I could remember how that feeling was as a player.

This week they have State and I am rooting for the BOYS!


We have been so busy with basketball it’s crazy! But having a great time with the boys. They are having a great season except in their eyes the referees all are terrible. I know one day they will figure it out but right now especially the oldest one is so negative.

They have won 2 tournaments and 2 times they were 2nd place in 2 tournaments. We are having fun!

Now is the Time

My hubby and I have been married for 19 years. It’s been some good, bad, and ugly years. Mostly good, but now we are beginning a new era in our relationship. It’s called the empty nesters.

I remembered years ago having a conversation with a friend whose oldest boy was turning 18, getting ready to head off to go into the army. It was hard for her and she said “just you wait.” My wait is over. It is now time. Time to grow and make his own decisions. He and his girlfriend have been dating for 2 years and both feel like they are the one for each other. I keep praying for them both and if they are not right for each other that the break would be sooner than later. Otherwise he will be looking for in a few years.

Is It Fair?

My oldest scored his career high, 30 points the other night. He was so happy and it was announced on the local news. They spelled his last name wrong but pronounced it correctly.

The game was over by half time. Strange occurrence, they were ahead the whole game but the opposition kept fighting back. When they would score they would go crazy, so it would force our coach to put the starters back in. Yet we won by 40 points. So did the coach do a unsportsmanlike thing with playing the starting or did the other coach spur that action on by going crazy when their team scored?

We had a lot of fans from both teams there…even some wholesale trade printers, drumming up some business for themselves!


This weekend was going to be so busy with ballgames. In my head, it was a little hectic but I knew I would enjoy every minute of it. But then this front moved into town and we got blanketed with 6 inches of snow. It halted everything! Games were cancelled!

A Game

My boys had a basketball game last night. As I have said before, my oldest is a senior and my youngest is a sophomore. It was actually a boring game as far as being a competitive game. We won by 46 points and my oldest has 30 points. The coach called it into the local TV station here and high school basketball is huge here. So yes indeed, his team was announced and his name was on the screen with his name announced too. They spelled his name wrong but said it correctly. I was happy enough with that.

I felt a little bad for the other team but they were scrappy and still determined with playing hard the whole game. The youngest played well also. I love seeing them both in the game at the same time. I am a proud momma!

Back Then and Now

When I was a teenager my mom didn’t probe into my stuff really, what gadgets did we have? I had a stereo in my bedroom and I was allowed to listen to other music besides Christian. Back in my time they really didn’t have Christian music. They had southern gospel and the rock songs the bad stuff was implied not said. Getting back to my point, we didn’t have a lot to probe into. I know I still did things behind my parents back but not that much.

Now fast forward 35 have the ipod, ipad, playstation where you can have a Netflick account. Then you have the songs of today and they are just filty.

Sweet Sixteen

My youngest boy turned sweet 16 last Monday! It’s hard to believe thats possible but it is. We took him out to lunch and he received a smartphone for his birthday, but not sure what else. I would like to figure out a party but with his basketball schedule, it might be hard to figure out.

He’s not much into parties but I think it would be fun for him and his friends. The last party was 2 years ago and it was a football party. Those days are gone, basketball is the new game in town now! Maybe we could combine a basketball game and a karaoke machine after the game, now that would be a good time!!

That just may work.


Let the games begins! For the first time, the Casula Boys are playing together! We went to our first game on Friday night. It was an exciting game. They were behind at the half and all of the third quarter but turned it on in the fourth quarter and won the game by 15 points.

It was a fun game for the fans but it was a frustrating game for the players, they didn’t play so well. I think they thought too much of themselves and believed it was going to be an easy game.

That’s how lessons are learned!

My Boys

In one more week I will have yet another boy who will get their driver’s license, given them the okay to get on the busy highways.
I was for a split second hoping that he would fail his class so that he would have to wait a little longer to receive the green light, but not a chance.

So not only will I have a 16 year old, I will have a 16 year old that will want to drive everywhere by himself and my answer will be no, you’re not old enough yet. I do let my oldest drive but that’s only here in town, he drives a little too fast for me and is the young man with no fear! I did find out yesterday that he has a fear of heights, very interesting.

Did I mention that the oldest is doing Online classes and enjoys not to have me involved in the process. He so wants his independence.