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Summer Time Again

We will have 2 more days and then school’s out for summer!! Even though my youngest will be doing an Algebra II class to catch up. We really got behind in math this year.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel after this year about homeschooling him but he did a fabulous job. He did what I asked him to do and next year we will do it again! Yippee! I just brought Chemistry books for him.

He enjoyed the basketball team this year and is looking forward to another year. The boys are pretty close and had a great season this year. They all want the same kind of shoes and sweat shirts. It’s crazy, they really do act like girls, even buying pink socks! What’s up with that? We might have to go to officially get them ID’s to tell them apart.:)

The Dance

This time of the year is big for our teenagers. So much pressure with the end of the school year, the prom, summer jobs, and the peer influence that faces them each year.

Funny I didn’t go to prom any year. Yes I was asked but really didn’t have the desire to go. To me that was too much pressure to get dressed up, to look a certain way, and all the money it cost to do so.

We need to have a special insurance plan for this maybe don allred insurance burlington nc could help with the situation.

My oldest is going with his girl and that’s fine. I will fork the money out to go, after all he didn’t want a class ring:)

The Job

The job is going well for my youngest son and my oldest son is still waiting for a phone call from a place. I’m telling him that he needs to have a plan b but he’s not listening to me right now. I’m feeling like I should just sit back and wait along with him. I don’t think he wants advice from me right now and that’s okay. Sometimes you need to learn on your on.
Lord, he is all yours!

First Job

My youngest son just got his first job. What an exciting day for him!! He called telling me about getting the phone call for an interview but he didn’t make it to the phone in time. So he was trying to call them back. Then when he finally reached them, had a time for interview, he called and wasn’t sure what to wear or say….lol. It was so cute.

So I walked him through the process and encouraged him. Then the text came with joyful jubilation that he starts the next day at 9am.

I’m so excited for him.

It’s Over

Basketball season is officially over as of yesterday. The boys ranked 28 in the National Homeschooling tournament and they were gone all week. I missed them terribly but got alot of stuff done in their absence.

My hubby went down on Thursday to see the last 2 games. The tournament was 5 hours away so I just stayed home and went to work. I’m hoping we can do a little bit of normal now. We have been busy every weekend for a few months now and have spent alot of money on hotels and food with the games.

Ready for normal!


So the second game of the night proved to be a good one also. We were ahead by 12 points in the first half but fell a little lax. But we pulled it out for a win with 2.4 seconds to go and my oldest threw a baseball pass in full court to the center, who tipped it to a guard to the side of them, he faked then went up with the shot and SCORED!! We win the game. It couldn’t have been that close but it was and they pulled it out.

By the end of the day I needed a suboxone treatment for myself. My stomach was upset with all the drama through the day.

AND that was just the first day. We are just getting started. We have 2 more days of games.

Can You Believe

Well the weekend is over and many lessons were learned, at least I hope I learned them. It’s mainly learning to know that all of us are different and our circumstances in life are what made us so different.

We have several families in our home school network and at these tournaments we have to eat, sleep, and play together and there are times where we might tend to break the nerves of each other only if we are not honest and work out what bothers us.

We work best as a family if we are honest at most things and the other 25% should be kept between me and God.

Press On

Yippee we are in the finals in our state tournament! Last night was a tough game against the Blue Knights. We started the first quarter with only 4 points so the score at the end of 1st was 4-20! But the boys never wavered. They dug their heels in and kept going, much of how we have to do in life.

I worked with a tech yesterday who is almost at his breaking point. But he needs to dig in and keep going, look at all the positives in his life and there are many!

We are excited about tonight’s game!

First Game Won

Well I made it to the 3rd quarter of the first game of the tournament and they were way ahead! So I fine missing what I did. Of course they added 2 more patients onto our schedule but the tech I worked with was fine with me leaving 30 minutes early and I got everything caught up for him.

We are not staying at the same hotel as everybody else so the boys are bummed about that but they will survive. If we win tonight we won’t play until 7:20pm! Go Saints!

Do Not Fear

My oldest son get paralyzed when he gets sick. What I mean is that he worries since being sick four years ago and being hospitalized for 5 days, he was really sick and we didn’t know what was wrong. It turned out to be a virus we think he caught swimming at a public pool. It’s the only thing we could figure out but I thought for a day we could have lost them to the illness. Thank God we didn’t but it did do something to him.

But it’s something that God will have to work out in him. God did not call us to live in fear!

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