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The Visit

Back in August, my friend Louann came out here to visit me. It meant alot to me that she thought enough of me to come here.

We also realized then that we had never spent that much time together, from morning til night, and she was without her 4 kids. It was just a real good time and a wonderful time bonding together as friends. She was so laid back (which she is normally) but was fine with just doing all the things that I do on a regular day.
She plans to make this a yearly thing…I’m so glad!

Keep Smiling

Smiles all around….it contagious, its just plain old fun to laugh.  To crack jokes, to sing silly songs, hey even to make up a few in the process of the conversation.  Laughter is good medicine and good for the soul.  God knows what we need and He knew that laughter was a part, to me its like a piece of carrot cake with a cup of coffee.

Tom and Angie (my neighbors and friends) made me laugh today—thanks for that!


To watch someone go thru a time of deep hurt is so hard….there are times you just want to remind them of all the positive, all the blessings, then the times of just thinking about yourself and missing the ordinary.  But really all you can do is pray, love, and just be there when you are needed.   

Love is about the other person, not always about what you think is right, or the correct  way of doing whatever.  God is love and He can always show us how to do it better, if we let Him.

I’m Going To Tell

Today, we had a picnic, we had a total of 11 kids here, from 13 years of age to 4 years.  Now  how many times do you think we heard—”I’m going to tell on you” or the kids just barging in to interrupt an adult conversation to inform us of all the happenings that were so not fair!!!! That drives me a little crazy since I just don’t remember doing that when I was a kid, we had to deal with it and work it out.  Running to tell mom just didn’t work as easy as it does now.  Regardless of the reason that it—-really it doesn’t matter so much as the point I’m trying to build up to.  We parents don’t want to know everything about all the kids conversations—they need to learn how to compromise and give in, to fight and forget…….but your Heavenly Father wants to know everything that is going on inside us, and with us.  So go ahead and run and tell DADDY whats going on.  He will take care of you!  So when someone is mistreating you, talking about you—-Go on and  tell!

Having a Bad Day

Don’t you wish at times we could be like our kids and when we are grouchy we could just yell it out to all we see, come near, or look at.  Or someone would say to us, “Go to your room”,or “you need more sleep” ——-right, thats not the case!    When I am having a bad day one the things that might tick me off —–is making a phone call and getting a person whom I can’t hear nor can speak English very well, —–cause at the time I need to be understood, I need to get my way, I need attention, (notice all the I needs) but I end up getting more frustrated.  Realizing what I need to do is just get off the phone and keep my mouth shut until the storm has past.  So many times I wished I could call and apologized to the person I was rude to.  But you never get the same person twice.  

Maybe all of this falls under the category of self-control. 

My Beautiful Friends

My beautiful friends for a lifetime of becoming the women God truly wants us to be—-may we spur each other on in this journey of life.  May we easily forgive each other, may we encourage one another to do the right thing, the godly thing, the advice that will save us from being the selfish beings that we are but…..are trying to change only thru Christ and keep us headed in the direction of Christ. 

May we listen with our hearts more and speak slowly of others, careful with our words.

May we not be as our teenage years when one comment could hurt for a while….but may we pursue the truth, believe the best in one another,going to each other when there is a problem and sit to talk for a while.  May we speak the truth in love and sometimes even letting it go, dealing with it only with you and GOD. 

May we above all strive each day to be lead by His Holy Spirit and hide His Word in our hearts that we might not sin against Him. To be a doing of the Word and completely falling in love with Him over and over again!!

New Friends

Just moved to 1000 miles from where i was… two boys and husband.  Making new friends is fun  and interesting especially at this age of my life.  Its actually more fun because I’m not as petty  and peer pressure doesn’t effect me as much.  I know what I like and just try to be more thoughtful and not as selfish as my younger years.  I would like to instill that in my kids but that may be something they will just have to figure out. 

Moving is also a time to change things that might need to be changed…my youngest Andy said…Mom I don’t think the kids on my bus will miss me when I leave.  I replied why?  He said, there wouldn’t be anyone on the bus to tell on them anymore. 

Then maybe Andy, that might be something that you can change.  The funny thing is that he wasn’t hurt by their comments, just a matter of fact statement.  I think that because he’s a boy and they are just different than us girls!

that’s all!