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Another Song

I started writing another song yesterday, this one about feelings! I think it will end up being a funny song versus a serious one. I just need to keep holding on to the truth, what God has to say, and doing the right thing regardless of how I feel. If only I could only get my boys to understand this…but I guess its a process. Some things must be learned by experience not by teaching it. Oh but the money I could earn if I could teach it and the teens would actually listen, I would need a receipt printer to add up all the money I would be making.

My youngest son is has so many emotions right now and just lets them out at anytime……

What’s Right

I want a message written in the sky…..I know we have the Bible, but still on certain issues, all is not clear. It’s like digging for treasure and I do get digging for it is totally worth it. What am I digging for? When to stand up and when to let things go….unity in the church is everything but so is being real and being able to talk things out. I’m not talking about stupid arguments like, the color of carpet for the church or the type of hymnals, I have heard conflicts like that all my life, especially back in NC in the country church. When something keeps gnawing at you, not for weeks but a couple of years, it just keep coming back.

All I want is to do the right thing and God knows my heart….and at the end of the day I want to be so connected to the VINE just like a person is hooked on heroin, and will do anything to get another hit ( I don’t think its called a hit), you can tell I don’t need a heroin detox center.

Grace-Do We Give It

How do you change the world? Panel says….one act of kindness at a time. I love that line from that movie, “Evan Almighty”.

But how can we show acts of kindness if we have hearts that are evil? It’s like we take a pill…..the definition for critic goes like this…..One who tends to make harsh or carping judgments; a fault finder. Thats us without Christ in our lives, He changes us from the inside!

One of the things that my friend talked about at the retreat, was grace! We need to give grace to each other, be full of grace. It’s a lingering whisper in my ear thru my day….grace, grace, God’s grace. It’s what we as Christ followers need to be giving more!!

Forgiveness Isn’t Easy

We are doing another Beth Moore study, The Psalms…… always its been very good. We have 10 ladies joining us this season and we are growing together in the Lord. As in all studies at some point you talk about forgiveness and how to forgive, which made me look over some of my old notes, I’m not even sure where I got the notes.

The first principle of total forgiveness is demonstrated to us when someone shows that he doesn’t want anybody else to know what was done to him. In Gen. 45:1, Joseph made everyone go out of the room, he didn’t want anyone to know what his brothers had done to him. Love hides a multitude of sins, hate wants everybody to know we have been hurt. Total forgiveness is when we protect the one we forgive. Hebrews 8:10-12.

The second principle of total forgiveness wants to make a person feel completely as ease. Gen. 45:3

I’ll just the share the two of them for now…..I just thought this was so good and really from a biblical viewpoint how to forgive, and if any person was justified not to forgive it could have been Joseph. Man, was he ever wronged and treated poorly by his own brothers, but God had a plan for his life despite all the pain he had to endure. Just like He has a plan for all of us….pain is a wonderful tool that teaches us, I can’t believe I’m even saying that…..cause I haven’t got time for the pain, (remember that song).

I would rather deal with my son’s acne treatment and such then the harder stuff of life, but I will trust God in all things and at all times!

My Day

Had a long day at work yesterday, 15 hours to be exact. Yeah I got a little break in between but again I like getting the hours in all in one day.

I had neighbors watch the boys since hubby is out of town. Getting a little help from friends makes things alot easier for sure, its all in the asking.

Want to tell you a story about a lady from yesterday. Nice petite, Italian woman in her late 60′s or so….quite and reserved. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was a little nervous, and a little embarrassed about how she was dressed. So I quickly wanted to encourage her that it was okay, for what she was doing the dress code was fine. Just assuring her seemed to make a good change in her attitude.

Just flew through my mind that no matter what the age, most women are the same about so many things, one being, how we look! For me its my hair, to feel complete and ready for the day, my hair must be done. Having makeup on doesn’t matter to me but the hair is a must.

Yeah at the end of this day I would have like a few beach vacation rentals to visit, would be nice to get out of this cold February weather.

Our Trip

We are still waiting to get back home….oh the things to learn. Inside my body, with driving 25 mph on a major interstate, and most of that time driving on the shoulder in the dark, I wanted to scream, cry, give up, take a pill, and even while praying, I wanted God to immediately fix it all, and I believe HE could do that if it was His will. Oh then there’s the disagreeing about what to do, I wanted to do something totally different than hubby, yet my decisions were somewhat based on fear and so keeping my mouth shut while hubby drove down the road was the best thing to do. I spoke when I had something constructive to say and made sense ( which I did), so don’t think I just sit back and was afraid to talk to my husband. I was shaking too, which was just annoying.

We ended up stopping at motel around 10pm after driving for 4 hours at the whopping speed averaging about 25 mph and 3 times stopping on the shoulder because the car just stopped with no power at all.

The next morning we were on the phone talking to Autozone to see if we could find a mechanic that would help us on Sunday. Thank God we did…..being fixed right outside of the Comfort Inn. It was a bad spark plug and bad coil plug, very thankful to the guys that are helping us.

So many lessons to learn from this, trusting God, patience, how to deal with your emotions, and how to work with one another. I’m sure there’s alot more but those are the main ones for me and hubby. I know that when I thought about a pill to deal with my emotions, the thought came, “you need me” not the pill, “I can be all you need.” Yep, the Holy Spirit talking right to me!

A Plan For The Future

Hey I’m doing a new Beth Moore Bible Study…..Stepping Up, a journey through the Psalms. I really like it of course. If you ever get the chance to do a study, you will be guarantee to grow, if you are digging.

Anyway, yesterday came across a verse in John 13:7 that Jesus said, that I say to my kids alot and I’m sure you do too.

“You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

Pretty awesome, right? I think so. God knows us so well and we don’t always give Him credit for that, I mean knowing what we need and when we need it. All goes back to trusting Him and relying on Him for life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. He’s not for carrying around like an inflatable boats, for only we are sinking. He came for the abundant living, adventurous, and totally being in love with Him. God made us with a plan in mind as stating in Jeremiah 29:11…… For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

VS. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Change Me From the Inside

If you could change any part of body, what would it be? I know for me with having kids my stomach has never been the same, if some smart person could create an at home device like vacuum cleaners to suction out the parts you would like to do without. That would be fabulous…..a dream come true. I do understand that you can change things by surgery but that’s not really an option for me.

Now what’s really cool is that unlike the outside of the body, the inside of the body can be changed, God can do amazing things on the inside of the heart. So if you are struggling with issues of anger or bitterness, He can change you if you are willing. My younger boy issue is anger, the oldest is controlling the mouth. My issues have been many through out my years of living……but God is good and faithful! The more I yield to Him the better for me, painful at times but the best.

I Will Lift My Eyes

Where does my help come from?

Even though I know, I need to constantly be in the Word and in prayer, with God telling me, reminding me that my help comes from HIM. In Christ alone, is my hope, my rock, and my refuge.

The other night I asked God, how do I change and put on this confidence of trust and faith?
Later that night while awake at 3 am, I was reminded, “Deb just start living, keep living, and don’t be gripped by fear, trust Me.” Very simple words, keep living!

Isn’t it so true that fear can take hold of you and just paralyze you. It can stop you from doing God’s work and what He intends for your life, I can’t let that happen. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. I will keep living, moving, and breathing God’s awesomeness, being His instrument.

Light our Fire

Well our bon-fire was a success!! We burned quite a bit of the wood we had lying around
since the spring storm. We had a rager!! We cooked hot dogs and marshmellows. Ally was busy giving haircuts, and the boys complained about geting their hair cut tooo short. Myself, as usual, I was concerned the fire was too big. But if we want to talk more about fire, God said fire refines things. A big fire always makes me think of the song, “Refiners Fire.” God always uses fire to refine our lives, and believe me it is worth it. Our lives become stagnant and as Christians we should always strive to keep it fresh. So if we want to be refined as precious gold it takes alot of heat. So if you want to have a pure life, let God light your fire.