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More Thoughts

Just a few more thoughts on the whole healthcare stuff………….signed by our President who vowed that he would bring change and that he did. We may be hearing a weight loss story with people that are now worried about our country because……………………….

Obamacare is the biggest expansion of Government ever, it spends over 2 trillions dollars, it will not save any money, when has Government ever had a program and not cost 2 or 3 times more than they said. It takes over health care, and will lead to socialized medicine, because all the private insurance companies will go out of business. It will lead to rationed care, will bankrupt this country and we will be like the rest of the world. Our Constitution is the most unique document ever written and on March 21, 2010 it was torn in two by a Socialist group of liberals who want us to look to them for everything !!!!

Are You Healthy

We had a good day at church, both the morning and the evening services. You know at the end of the day, I’m tired but I always feel good about investing in lives and doing the things that God wants me to do!

But now I’m watching Fox News about the health care vote………..its frustrating and Obama is cramming it down our throats! Rushing anything never proved to be right………they want to get this passed regardless of how the American people feel. So the democrats might be smoking perdomo cigars tonight if it passes, but will they paid for it in November. I honestly think the democrats believe that by then we will forget all about it in November and they will cross that bridge when it comes.


Do we have any common sense or is that a thing of the past? These town halls meeting are disturbing only to the point of “do we not know how to discuss things when we don’t agree on a matter?” Some of these meetings the adults are acting like children and we are teaching the children to what??? Act like this? Probably being at one of these would be one of the best diet pill ever, because you would leave and have nothing accomplished besides being more angry with our government. The agenda that they want clearly most people don’t want. We are going more in debt and spending more than what we are making, which is what got us into this trouble in the first place.

If the majority of the people are against this bill then it should be stopped, so why isn’t it? Does the government know what is best for us and therefore what to decide? We could go on and on with this…..and the mistakes that have been made with spending the tax payers money, the Congress and Senate maybe should cut back on their retirement fund, they are set for life.

May God help our leaders to make the decisions that are best for the country as a whole!

Mine Eyes Have Seen

Anyone who knows me knows that I wear contacts. Every once in a while I give my eyes a rest and wear glasses. I do however need stronger ones for reading all the time, even with my contacts. Better known as bi-focals. All my friends who go to the drug store to buy a pair know what I am saying. I made a Great Discovery: is a great place to find a great pair of any type you need. Learning about them they sell for less since they make their own frames, and no middleman. At least you can find a great looking pair that make you look good.
The drug store glasses are not particuarly nice looking, and I would like to find a pair that don’t look like I am ready for the rest home.

Real Estate Market

My husband as I have told you is a builder. He has been involved in Real Estate for over 20 years. He has seen the good times and the bad times in the markets and has riden them out. Many people have those mortgages that started out on a low rate so that they could afford the house. Now many of them have to look to refinance thier mortgages. There are many online places like a Florida Refinance company that can help you refinance your mortgage. Its better to get it done now than later. All my husband tells me is that its better to act now and get it over with instead of waiting and haveing a harder time later. He also says that things will start to improve later this year for Real Estate.

Christmas Shopping? Need a Payday Loan?

I know as tough as it can be for all of us in todays crazy times, I still would rather pay cash
for my Christmas gifts than put them on a credit card. It is so easy to pull out that nasty 21% credit card and pay twice as much for that sale item. My husband and I as I talked about in a different post don’t know what want to get for our boys. We know on thing, we are not going to bust the budget!! A thought is using payday loans to get an advance on your pay check, but just pay it back right away. It can also help you through a slow month when you just need that little push to get to home plate. payday loans are a unique and popular online source of funds. They are nation wide so is eay to apply. Again, I have preached not to use those credit cards before, so keep them in your wallet this Christmas, and use cash!!!


I have several friends who are just as I am, very frugel. When we lived in Delaware we built our own home because my husband is a builder. He used to be a realtor and has alot of experience in the building and helping people obtain mortgages. One thing I do not want to do is pay alot for this muffler. This is an old saying from a muffler company commercial, so when it comes to the next time we build and obtain a mortgage, we will compare mortgages and rates. My husband said 2 mortgage companies are not the same, and you need to dig into all the details and costs. Many mortgages have fees that you never herd of, just takes some investigation. With the morgage market in so much turmoil over the cut rate mortgages that have re-set to higher rates, leaving people in a mortgage mess, it will always do alot of good to compare mortgages and companies to make sure you know what you are getting into ahead of the game. fixed rate mortgages are the only way we will build and pay again. We have sold and moved as you know and the next home we want to build, we want to have a modest home so our mortgage is affordable. Most of all we want to make sure that it does not control our lives. Alot of these lower rate mortgages come with a twist. They change after a bit of time and re-set to a higher rate. These are mortgages that people gamble on and believe that the rates will be cheaper or will be able to refinance after the time is up on the initial rate. But you can never know what is coming down the pike, illnesses are a big part of mortgage failures as well as job security. Be smart when you are looking don’t let the house be so much of what your life is about. We have never been that way and we won’t. We want to be able to pick up and do what God wants us to do when it’s time.

Our Newest Auto

We recently added a used car to our driveway, what a great deal. We are blessed to have been able to pay cash for a ’94 Mercury Cougar. it had only 70,000 original miles. The sellers, an older couple were the original owners and were so nice. Many folks though can not pay the cash to get the car they need. Auto Loans are easy to obtain on line and are available nationwide. If your credit is not so good, on line loans that can help you, they are fast and easy to apply. This I have written about how important it is to keep your credit in good shape, if you get a loan and pay it on time and even pay it off quickly it will help your credit rating and bring your Fico score higher. Your credit is very important and will help you move ahead with all the things you want in life. Auto loans mania is your first step in repairing your bad credit.

Corporations 101 (Starting a Corporation)

My husband is a corporate man!! Yes he is, but he is also a small business. He builds new homes and because of that he is incorporated himself. There is alot to do with owning and running a business. It’s not as simple as some people say it is, and all business owners should always have help in starting up. Starting a Corporation is as easy as 123! with
Inc Paradise. Inc Paradise has corporate kits for any state and the expertise to help you with the paperwork required to make sure it is all legal and filed properly. A corporation needs to have its paperwork in order in case of an audit from the IRS. As a corporation you have to have yearly meetings in which you have to have a secretary of the corporation keep what is called
minutes. Inc paradise can help you with all your paperwork needs. They can help you secure a name, a Tax ID number called an EIN. They can make available to you several free forms, and also prepare paperwork for you for nominal fees, much lower than others. Having an accountant can cost hundreds of dollars, believe me we know, we have paid these bills. It’s great to have someone there that can serve the same functions as professionals but at a price that cuts out the middle man. Who will be the Registered agent and where should the agent form be sent? An accountant will charge hundreds to be a registered agent and the fee he pays to the Division of Incorporations is much less. Check out this web site
Inc Paradise and start a business today for the fraction of the cost the professionals charge. Also shelf corporations are available as an aged-corporations. These corporations have filings for the previous year but were never active and are available immediately. Check all your corporate needs at Inc Paradise.