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Import or Export

I mentioned to my hubby the other day that I wanted to buy new silverware soon, and wanted to be on the look out for a sale. So being the shopper that he is, he started the search. What it lead us, was not good! We realized that everything is made in China………we looked in JCPenney, Kohls, and a few other places. We thought we had hit the jackpot when we saw American Living, surely this would be American made, but to our demise, that too was made in China. Incredible, wouldn’t you say!

We had since looked up a website that only has American made products which we will do our best to use. It just was an eye opening experience to find most of our products are made outside our country, where we absolutely need the money. I could go on about this and the unions, who forced companies to look elsewhere for labor but I won’t.

We have also started looking for the wonderful silver eagle………..or several of them.

Oh, where is our country headed??

One Long Year

Two days ago we went out and brought a rider lawn mower, it was time. It was a long season last year with a push mower. I really thought I could do it and with my oldest, believed I could keep up with the grass, I was wrong. Plus, I have always enjoyed mowing the grass but for the last 10 years, I enjoyed mowing with the comfort a rider! So this year I will go back to having fun mowing the grass……no teak outdoor furniture for me, I will be just fine with my mower!

Outdoor Sports

Our boys just love to play outside, and any chance they get when the weather is good they are in the fields. We also have a friend at church who loves the outdoors and whenever he gets a chance he is in the fields hunting. Just two weeks ago he used his bow and his reward was a big deer. One product he would like to have is a Game Feeder it would help him find more deer. There is a Game Feeder for deer and I have found one for fish. Our boys love to fish, so they would like to get their hands on one of those.

Grape Farmer

I received two bottles of wine from California, free just to try the different variety of their wine selections. The wine selected for my gift was Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Merlot was very bold and had a very fine taste to it. My small glass needs to be a tad bit smaller for this wine, it’s pretty strong. The only thing I didn’t like about the wine was the cork, I hate trying to get the cork out of the bottle. It’s just annoying to me!

The story of the Bush Family and the business was very interesting to read about. The Madrona Vineyards would be a fabulous place to visit, and see all the behind the scene activities. It would be motivating to know all the up and downs of the business years, going back to 1978, which was a good year for me, (the year I graduated).

I am not interesting in joining any wine clubs, but I am intrigued by the family owned business and how they went from the car business to being a grape farmer.


White or Red

I remember watching The Lucy Show, when Lucy made a trip to Italy and ended up stomping on grapes to make wine. I loved that show. I do enjoy a small glass of wine every so often in the privacy of my own home or with my husband or Angie. I enjoy the sweet wines found in Vermont. But you can also find exquisite wines in California in the beautiful Sierra foothills. I’m really not interested in joining the wine of the month club but I do like to taste test the different wines with my favorite being “sweet”. I am also enjoying cooking with wine, discovering ways to create a new sauce to go over a fine piece of steak or chicken.

I would love to see the real way the wine is process, to visit a grape farm, not just keeping the image from The Lucy Show, with her performing the art of making wine with her feet.

Designing Spaces

Two years ago my husband, who builds new homes, decided that he would start a new project at our home for Thanksgiving. You all know that most projects are never 100% completed because there are always many more that are still lying around. However this one was different because it was 1/4 of our first floor, the livingroom and new diningroom. This project was to rip up the old carpet in the 2 rooms and install new hardwood flooring. And of course nothing with him can be normal, so it included what the room would look like when finished. He always likes to make things different, so he put designs in the floor and this means different furniture would be the course. Well we bought new diningroom furniture that complimented the floors, and our favorite piece was the surving table we bought. Alot of spaces require unique furniture, some unique furniture we would like to have in our future home would be benches, bar stools, tall book cases and ottomans in familyroom that we want to section off in 3 spaces. We want a cozy sitting area near our fireplace that includes chairs and ottomans, a card table for a gaming area with black bookcases and a new entertainment center for the flat screen t.v. we now own. We have designed our new home to be built around the furniture we want to purchase. So in our minds the spaces we have designed for the furniture we want is always an important issue and gives our home the personality we want it to have, as well as functionality.


My Paintball Friend

My bestfriend Ally, her brother in law is a paintball freak!! His name is Greg and spends alot of time during the year out in the fields near his home with his other paintball friends. When we lived in Delaware many of the people we went to church with loved paintballing. Especially the younger guys who didn’t really get into hunting. There are many different types and sizes of paintball guns, and Greg is an expert at them, if you have any questions concerning them just ask Greg! Automatic guns, large hoppers, anything to give him the edge. There is a place to find great paintguns and that is Ultimate Paint Guns!! There are a wide variety of top of the line paintball guns like Tippmann paintball markers and accessories. My friend, Greg said they are great products!! You should see him when he goes out to play paintball. He wears head gear and a vest, because if you have ever played you know how these guys just love to make their mark!! He loves it, the pain is worth the fun!! To him paintball is the best thrill! You can find air systems, vests, important saftey gear as well as gloves and other great accessories all with free shipping. So if you are into paintball like my friend, Greg, checkout the site at Ultimate Paint Ball and gear up for the thrill of your life.

Don’t Look Now But the Holidays Are Here!!

In just a few days we will be thinking of what we are going to have at the Thanksgiving table and what is more amazing is that Christmas is just about here!! Online holiday spending increases every year and is a multi-billion dollar industry. I am an online buyer as well. There is a site I found that offers a wide variety of coupons for many well known merchants.
It’s the online coupons known as promo codes. This is a great place to find savings!!
There are available from Dell coupons with great savings , as well as Target coupons . Take advantage of the minimum purchases for free shipping! Start writing out your lists and look for a unique gift for that loved one that will make them smile. Go to Coupon Chief several times to find many other coupon savings as the holidays get closer. OLD NAVY coupons are available, which is one of my favorite places to shop, as well as coupons. And please don’t forget your pets at Pet Smart coupons. Start stuffing those stockings today!!

Bad Credit??

I have written a lot about bad credit and I am back again at it. A lot of people in these times have compromised their credit and also have diminished their credit score rating. I am here to tell you about a site to help you with your bad credit.
Bad Credit Offers is a web site that serves many functions. You can check your credit score , on a monthly basis. What this does for you is to constantly update you on your progress to a better credit rating. Remember every time someone checks your credit it lowers your score and that means with every offer of credit you sign up for does the same as well as what you find on your report. The good news is that when you check your credit it does nothing to your score. A good credit rating will allow you financial blessings in the future.
Also need a home loan, Auto loan or even a personal loan, Bad Credit Offers can help you to repair that credit and set you on that course of a better credit rating. It is imperative that your credit rating is something you pay attention to for a good well being.


Our recent moved to the Midwest and renting a house verses owning one, we realized we needed renter’s insurance, along with checking out prices on our car insurance. It was then I discovered that the region in which you live plays a part in the cost of the insurance.

The cost of renter’s insurance was a lot cheaper than I anticipated and shopping around was the key. The same was true for the car insurance, being in the Midwest, I went to compare care insurance with a smaller agent and found a great price.

Whether it is by phone or the internet, the prices that you are looking for are probably out there, but you must compare and take the time to do a few clicks on the computer.